Love: an existential guide to healthy relationships

I travelled to Vienna during May to attend an Existential Summit on Love. Presented by the wonderful and charismatic Dr Alfried Längle, it was an insightful and deeply meaningful experience for me. I want to thank Dr. Leslee Brown for organising this very enriching experience. Existential Analysis is a very practical system with a lot of soul. The course contained soulful concepts and ideas as well as practical suggestions on how to implement these concepts in your relationship. In this [...]

Christmas in Africa, “Ubuntu” the true symbolism and meaning of the season

This is a guest blog by Dr Leslee Brown from www.mindbodypassport.com It is such an odd occurrence to be in the southern hemisphere during the holiday season. We all think of snow, Christmas trees, Rudolph, Santa, and twinkling lights. We are usually busy in a hectic rush, madly shopping for the perfect gifts, organizing parties, and decorating our houses and preparing for our big Christmas feasts. We all think nostalgically or longingly for spending time by a roaring fire with [...]

Understanding your brand: what would you look like as a coffee shop?

One of the tremendous gifts we have inherited from Jung is a better appreciation of the power of imagination. The imaginative (image making) faculty grants us access to areas of psyche that are not accessible in any other way. Images from the unconscious (which is where our images come from in any imaginative exercise) have a holographic-type nature, in that they contain a depth of information that goes far deeper than the surface of the image and affords access to otherwise [...]

Why Compassion is so important

I am currently busy with my  MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. My most recent assignment requires a group of us to produce a presentation and paper on one of the lectures available on the Science and Medical Network. We chose lectures by Professor Paul Gilbert who is the Head of the Mental Health research unit at the University of Derby. His research into the processes that underpin shame has led him to incorporate compassion meditation in the treatment [...]

What Story are You Telling (?): a Peek Behind the Scenes of Personal Narratives.

I want to share an exercise with you that I have found to be quite illuminating.[1] This exercise, seemingly very simple (almost simplistic), provides a powerful tool to examine the nature of the story you are telling. This exercise can help you to: Locate yourself and your narrative. Discover what archetype/s you are constellating in your personal narrative. Better understand what it means (i.e. how it feels and influences) to constellate an archetype in your narrative and sense of identity. Perhaps most importantly learn how [...]

Let’s talk about Sex baby, let’s talk about You and Me.

This is a topic I have given some thought to; more than most probably, not as much as some. I have wanted to write about it for some time, but some vague sense of respectability and Puritanism has stayed my hand. Anyway after Anja hit the ball out the ballpark with her last post, I thought what the hell- I’ll up the ante (no pun intended). The Tension of Opposites Sex is possibly the perfect metaphor for the opposites we carry [...]

The Exposition of an Existential Crises

When I was 38, I went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I can’t tell you how much it upset me. I cried bitterly towards the end of the movie and carried on crying for at least 2 weeks afterwards. It put me in a weird space. I became depressed, but not really, more like a severe melancholy. (I am generally melancholic anyway) At the time, I wasn’t sure why the movie affected me so profoundly and I [...]

The Danger of Raising Your Children in Fear.

When I was in labour with my second child I was terrified. My firstborn was a ceaser because she was breach and I was determined to have natural birth this time around. My Gyne was really cross about it and tried to bully me, but I was insistent. It was probably the most traumatic and painful experience I have ever lived through. My third child’s birth was also natural, but this time I was like Superwoman. I breathed through the pain [...]

Tao and the psychology of transformation

When I was doing research recently about Taoism, I was astounded at how civilized China was in the 11th century BC. They were the first government to print paper money, they had invented gunpowder, used a compass to derive true north and had a permanent navy. They printed books and the people were well educated. Women were respected and ran their own successful businesses. There were retirement villages and public clinics supported by a social welfare infrastructure. They traded iron, [...]

The Great Lie

Do you believe a man can escape his destiny? I believe a man does everything he can until his destiny is revealed to him. Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai. As long as I live I will never forget the line or the sentiment. I believe it expresses something profoundly important about living authentically and with courage. I want to share with you a small part of what it takes to ‘do everything you can until your destiny is revealed to you,’ and why [...]