The Conscious Living Program



A self-study, twelve-week course teaching the tools from Jungian Psychology for ongoing self-exploration, self-analysis and permanent transformation.



A self-study, twelve-week course teaching the tools from Jungian Psychology for ongoing self-exploration, self-analysis and permanent transformation.


Course Duration: 12 weeks

Delivery of content: weekly emails

Phoenix painting by Benjamin A. Vierling
Phoenix painting by Benjamin A. Vierling


1. The Collective Unconscious & Archetypes

2. The Personal Unconscious & Complexes

3. Projection &  the Shadow

4. Dream Work

5. Ego & Consciousness

6. Symbols

7. Typology

8. Transference & Countertransference

9. Anima & Animus

10. Myth & Fairy Tales

11. Paradox & the Transcendent Third

12. Individuation


There is a plethora of books, articles and resources available on Jungian theory. Here, at the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, we have spent many years developing a methodology of the (practical) applications of Jungian theory. The success and efficacy of these applications leading to personal transformation is evident based on the testimonials from our students and alumni around the globe, that we have received over the last 10 years of teaching both online and “real world” programmes.

The applied nature of the applications helps to build sufficient ego strength needed in order to face your unconscious content. The interactions you will have with some of the unknown parts of yourself may feel overwhelming at first. This is a good sign! A sure step towards becoming a more whole and liberated version of yourself – your own law. As C. G. Jung said, ” The only meaningful life is a life that strives for individual realisation, absolute and unconditional, of its own particular law. To the extent that a man is untrue to the law of his being…he has failed to realise his own life’s meaning.”


This is a self-study program that consists of twelve modules. Upon payment you will gain instant access to all twelve modules. Each module consists of a PDF document with a podcast. Although you get instant access to all modules, we suggest that you work through each module and focus on the applications for a week.

We strongly advise you to purchase a journal for this process as the work is process based and self-reflective. The focus of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is on the application of these psychodynamic concepts. It is through reflection and personal application that these ideas are made conscious and transmutation is achieved.


  • Twelve modules: each module is a comprehensive, practical and applied introduction to each of the concepts covered.
  • Transcript contains a list of additional reading material and YouTube videos for each module.
  • Applications for each module to integrate the concepts and apply them to your own life and psyche.
  • Clear and simple descriptions of theory presented.

* Deepen your understanding of yourself and the world.

* Redefine who you are and shift dysfunctional dynamics.

* Actively work on yourself.

* Learn the practical techniques of ongoing transformation.


This course is accredited with 48 CPD’s.

Each of the twelve modules has a questionnaire to be completed to qualify for the CPD’s.


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Thank you again for another great experience with CAJS- sharing another part of my journey. I think I’ve found it equally if not more enlightening than parts of magnum opus or perhaps that’s about my readiness to observe myself because of that foundation.
I’ve learnt about my female strength, and I am prepared to acknowledge it which I’m really proud of. I can see it. Equally I feel as though my eyes have widened to see my individual balance of expression as not simply scripted as female with an animus. I feel quite released by that. Also the concept of my inferior extraverted feeling function and how this knits into my increasing understanding of myself. I have seen myself a little more alive recently possibly, and a little warmer to those around me perhaps.
I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to Jung and individuation – but I truly feel like I’ve had another boost forwards, and have more understanding of the theory and of me.
I’m already excited about joining another course!


I thank you for this experience! The way the course was structured worked for me really well and the assignments made the content personal.


Thank you Stephen and Anneke Janna for your sage council and prescience through this enriching course. I’ll save application 5 for my journal, it’s quite the assignment! This course has been illuminating, empowering, and lead me to very deep transformational work. Love,


Really sad the course is coming to an end! The material I learnt was really fascinating to me and has launched me on a life-long trajectory of Jungian studies.



Now that the course is winding down I wish to thank Stephen and Anneke and everyone for this collaborative, introspective course. I learned new concepts which is always a thrill intellectually and provides valuable tools in assessing myself and others and the human condition, but there is a lot to unpack here so I plan to continue my self-education. This course was not easy for me emotionally and interestingly, several roadblocks came up in my life during this course. I wish everyone the best on your journey to individuation. In solidarity,



Just want to say Thank you. Thank you Stephen and Anneke for support and facilitating this journey. Being part of this caravan, this travel walking the paths of the the soul has been rewarding to me. I hope you all will do well in the time to come and hope to meet again. Lots of love 🙏💜


I wanted to post and say thank you for this course. I’m not one to share personal and even intimate details on social media, but I did want to say that my experience of the course materials are that they are brilliantly structured: they dig very deep, but in an amiable and gradual way that makes it feel manageable. As a result, one anima dream and an active imagination session that followed it, a month back, fully opened up an area I have been circling for a very long time, allowing me to fully hold and process it at last. There was, and is, something incredibly soothing and powerful about this unfolding in the realm of archetypes that are beyond my individual consciousness/unconsciousness, it led to a deep sense of being held and part of something vast and timeless that put my own concerns and issues into perspective, even during the darkest moments. If nothing else, working through this course has reinforced for me the belief that Jung was one of the great geniuses of the 20th century in pioneering this work, and your way of structuring, and developing and updating it where fitting, seems to me to be a brilliant continuation and communication of that extraordinary legacy. Thank you so much again.