Welcome to the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies.

Our goal is to make Jungian psychology accessible to all. We focus on teaching Jungian psychology as a practical, accessible and real tool for personal transformation.

Usually access to Jung’s work is reserved for those who are able and inclined to enter analysis, or for those exceptional and privileged enough to spend many years studying the Collected Works (20 volumes) and the last eighty years of Jungian and Post Jungian literature, in other words – the privileged few.

We stress that the teaching and facilitation offered is not of a clinical nature and is not a substitute for those requiring or seeking analysis.

Our method of delivery is neither academic nor esoteric, focusing instead on the practical application of Jung’s work in the student’s life for the purposes of personal transformation, increasing consciousness and promoting individuation.

The principle goal of the Jungian journey is to find yourself, who you authentically are independently of what you have been told to believe about who you are. The Jungian approach encourages self expression, pursues self knowledge, rekindles meaning and enables the realisation your optimum destiny or what Jung called individuation.

Our courses are online and range in length from five weeks, three months and one year. Each course focuses on a different aspect of Jungian psychology. We share the skills needed and the practical application of the Jungian concepts for ongoing personal transformation.

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The Conscious Living Program

A self-study, twelve module course teaching the tools from Jungian Psychology for ongoing self-exploration, self-analysis and permanent transformation.

Each module is a comprehensive, practical and applied introduction to the concept. Applications for each module guides you to integrate the concepts and apply them to your own life and psyche.

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Jung Unplugged

Duration: (52 weeks)

Video based series with supporting documents containing additional resources. Video and document delivered to your inbox once a week. This course explores the complete Jungian system. Videos are 4 – 8 minutes in length. This course is for anyone who wants to understand the complete Jungian system and how all the concepts from Jungian psychology interrelate.

Course Lineup 2021

Free Downloads

Complex Video Series

Four videos exploring Jung’s complex theory.

Dream Interpretation Guide

A practical guide to the Jungian Dream Interpretation technique.

Jungian Archetypes Guide

A guide to Jung’s key archetypes and the role it plays in the psyche.