Online Jungian and Post-Jungian Clinical Concepts Course

Sixteen month Online Certificate Course presented by an International Faculty of Jungian Clinicians and Academics.

Online course in Jungian and post-Jungian clinical concepts introducing and covering the key concepts of Jungian theory and clinical application.  This course is aimed at psychotherapists, from all fields, not only psychodynamic, including those with some knowledge of Jungian psychology and psychotherapy, wishing to understand the fundamentals of Jungian psychology in clinical practice. This is a unique opportunity to learn Jungian theory and clinical application from a global faculty of senior Jungian clinicians and academics.

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Citrinitas: Exploration of Anima (soul) & Animus (spirit).

The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is offering a focused, online, twelve week course on the practical application of the psychodynamic concepts: Anima (Eros) & Animus (Logos), the basis of and lens through which we relate to ourselves, others and the world, and Transference & Countertransference the constellation and experience of the unconscious dynamic in our relationships.

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The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies Learning to live life consciously.


At The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies we aim to reach out to all individuals who have a desire to understand themselves, others and how they relate to the world around them. We know from personal experience the powerful and liberating effect the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung provides.

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The Centre provides both real world and online programmes. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but frequently run courses in other cities. Our signature programme is The Magnum Opus which takes you on an intense personal journey..

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For ease of reference we list Jungian Analysts, Development Groups, Psychometrists and other contact information for various Jungian societies. We also offer a list of suggested reading and DVD’s for anyone who is interested in Jungian Psychology…

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Psyche and Cinema

Video clips that explore the psyche through the medium of Cinema.

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