Learn the secret language of the soul

A focused, online, twelve-week, course on dialogue with the unconscious towards the practice of individuation. Albedo, the stage of illumination, is an investigation of dream work, symbols, active imagination, and the essential role of the ego consciousness. 


Course Duration: 12 weeks

Course Start Date: 20 May 2024

Course Fee Options:

1. Course material only: Single payment $250 or $100 pm (3 months)

2. Course material with private Facebook Forum with facilitation: Single payment $390 or $150 pm (3 months)

3. Course material, access to private Facebook Forum and 6 in person coaching sessions: Single Payment $600 or $250 pm (3 months) ____________________________________________


This twelve week course will focus on:

1. Consciousness

2. Symbols (parts 1 & 2)

3. Dreams & Active Imagination (Parts 1 & 2)

4. The Ego

The state of imperfect transformation, merely hoped for and waited for, does not seem to be one of torment only, but of positive, if hidden, happiness. It is the state of someone who, in his wanderings among the mazes of his psychic transformation, comes upon a secret happiness which reconciles him to his apparent loneliness. In communing with himself he finds not deadly boredom and melancholy but an inner partner; more than that, a relationship that seems like the happiness of a secret love, or like a hidden spring-time, when the green seed sprouts from the barren earth, holding out the promise of future harvests.

(Carl Gustav Jung, Vol 14, par. 623)


Carl Gustav Jung realised that many of his patients experienced symptoms of dissatisfaction, depression and feeling stuck. They felt this way not because they suffered from any mental illness, but because they were trapped in a reality where the ego driven goals of career, family and status had become meaningless and suffocating.
Working with this feedback from his patients and a lifetime of research and reflection on this question of meaning, he developed the system of Jungian, (Analytical) Psychology. A theorem designed to reconnect the individual with their essential self. His system promotes psychological health by virtue of the individual being able to re-imagine their ego personality and revitalise their personal identity. The inspiration for this process and infusion of libido comes from the archetypal energy and symbolism latent in the unconscious psyche.
Albedo will introduce and teach you the key elements involved in working with symbols and teach you the skills and tools that you will need to engage and work with your own unconscious. Jung realised that only through communication with the unconscious can we bring meaning, life and feeling back into our lives.

This communication is activated during symbol work, active imagination and dream interpretation. This dialogue with the unconscious is achieved through engaging with what is typically unseen and yet has a profound impact on living a life with purpose and meaning.
The goal of Jungian work is not to change yourself, to become perfect, to overcome who you are or better adapt. It is rather, the realisation of authenticity and wholeness. This process is called individuation – a movement towards yourself. This journey is towards truly accepting yourself, recognizing and learning to appreciate your unique individuality. A journey towards meaning, purpose and joy in what makes you unique, simply, what makes “you” you.
This programme is open to all, regardless of previous experience with Jungian or psychodynamic theory. This is an excellent introduction to the key concepts in Applied Jungian Psychology. These concepts are engaged with using a creative and reflective perspective. The course is designed to facilitate the development of a more holistic perspective on yourself and the world around you. The focus is on individuation, meaning and consciousness.




Illumination and interpretation of unconscious content.


The role of the ego in consciousness and individuation.


The language of the unconscious.


Accessing the Imaginal.


This is the stage of illumination and amplification. The process through which previously unconscious contents are brought into the light of consciousness and a dialogue with the unconscious psyche or soul is initiated. The purpose of the dialogue, to make conscious the impulses, intentions and trajectory of the unconscious psyche. Through such dialogue, to bring the conscious and unconscious psyche into a state of synthesis, to facilitate the fertilisation and amplification of the conscious personality by the unconscious, and to heal fractures in the unconscious psyche.

The trajectory and telos of this process is:

  • Greater consciousness

  • Less fragmentation and more cohesion in the psyche

  • A personality that is whole

  • A life that expresses the Self archetype (the authentic or essential self), as opposed to the default provisional self that is a very limited and inauthentic expression of the total personality

Engaging in this fashion with the unconscious, allows the subject to recognise and come to terms with mythological patterns and archetypes present in the psyche. Making these conscious and acquiring the tools, method and practice of ongoing dialogue with the unconscious psyche:

  • Releases the chokehold the unconscious has on the conscious ego has by default

  • Allows the subject to become a collaborator and co-architect with the unconscious psyche

  • Deconstructs the provisional self, allowing the authentic or essential self to emerge

  • A critical step in the individuation process.


The course is a facilitated, self-study, online programme that is supported by mentors and a community on a private Facebook group. The group is managed by two facilitators who are available to answer questions and provide guidance.
Albedo consists of six modules. Each module is explored over a two week period. The learning material is delivered to your email in the form of a link to a podcast and a transcript.

The link and transcript are also posted on the private Facebook group. There are discussions on the Facebook page on each topic as well as guidance on the applications and exercises.
The focus of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is on the application of these psychodynamic concepts. It is through reflection and personal application that these ideas are made conscious and transmutation is achieved.



* Engage in a dialogue between the conscious ego and the soul.

* Uncover and engage your most deeply held desires.

* Identify your personal and archetypal symbols.

* Learn the practical techniques of increasing consciousness.

* Understand and practice Jungian dream interpretation.

* Apply the technique of active imagination.


* A pre and post course questionnaire to help you gauge your progress on the course.

* Albedo consists of six two-week modules: every second week you will receive a podcast and a transcript, containing the lecture and applications for the current module.

* A comprehensive practical and applied lecture on each of the concepts covered.

* Facilitators who will answer your questions and offer guidance.

* Applications and exercises for each module with which to integrate the concepts and apply them to your own life and psyche.

* A list of additional reading material and YouTube videos for each concept covered in the programme.

* Access to an international student body and facilitation team hosted on a private Facebook group page for the duration of the programme.


The goal of this course is to allow you to engage yourself with interest, compassion and kindness. To allow yourself the wonder of finding out who you really are and the space to engage yourself on a deep and profound level.

Engaging with symbols, their meaning and their power for transformation is a process that is reflective and liberating. Symbols in dreams will help you uncover the hidden messages from your unconscious. Join this course and learn the skills and tools for ongoing personal transformation. Learn the language of the soul and engage the innermost essence of yourself in order to bring a new level of understanding and access to a layered, complex and fascinating personal reality.

Albedo will introduce you to a world of magic and wonder that you are currently unaware of. The course will teach you the methods of identifying symbols, how to uncover the meaning of these symbols and allow you to uncover the hidden projections which are filled with potential for growth and self awareness.

Albedo will guide you and empower you to uncover what moves you, what inspires you and your unconscious belief systems that drive you. The movement is inwards, to discover the wonder of who you are and re-enchanting your relationship with the world around you and with yourself.




This dialogue with the unconscious psyche or soul is conducted following clearly prescribed paths, given to us by psychoanalytic theory. This investigation illumination and interpretation of unconscious content by consciousness, has both symbolic (principally image based) and semantic (linguistic) components and pathways. The unconscious’ dominant form of communication is symbols. Language (semantics) is the medium of consciousness. The Albedo or illumination stage establishes a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious psyche that involves both symbols and language; and builds a bridge between the two. To put this another way, the task is to translate the symbolic forms of the unconscious into the language of consciousness.


It is consciousness rather than the unconscious that is most important on this journey. Sometimes, with the focus of depth psychology on the unconscious that critical point is lost. We start the journey by reflecting on and illuminating the consciousness position: beliefs, values, desires and ideology. With a clearly articulated conscious position, the journey into the unconscious psyche has an Archimedean point with which to anchor itself. This is critical to avoid the ego being washed away in the storm of unconscious content. Once the journey into the unconscious psyche is undertaken and its gifts harvested, we return these to the conscious ego. If the harvest is rich the ego identity is radically challenged by what emerges. The task then, that faces the intrepid journeyman of the psychic landscape, is to re-imagine conscious ego identity, armed with these new facts.


The language of the unconscious. During the Albedo Stage the subject works on accessing, identifying, classifying and understanding the key symbols of the unconscious. This is the starting point of a lifelong relationship between ego consciousness and the unconscious psyche or soul. These symbols have both an archetypal or transpersonal and a personal or subjective dimension. They carry the subjects most deeply held and authentic beliefs, values and desires. They carry the Telos of the individuation path and provide the libido, psychic energy, for the individuation process.


Freud famously said of dreams that they are “the royal road to the unconscious”. And, although there are significant differences between the Freudian and Jungian approaches to dream interpretation, both schools share that view. Dreams provide the most direct access to unconscious content. Interpreted using the symbolic lens and following the 4-step method: confession, illumination, education, transformation, they are invaluable in coming to terms with the unconscious psyche. To this method, Jung added a further, immensely valuable, contribution, the technique of active imagination. This is a method of dreaming whilst awake, similar to, but not the same as, lucid dreaming. Using this, relatively simple method, allows the subject to dream the dream on and to engage with symbolic content outside of the classical dream scape.




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1. Course material only: Single payment $250 or $100 pm (3 months)

2. Course material with access to facilitated private Facebook Forum: Single payment $390 or $150 pm (3 months)

3. Course material, access to private Facebook Forum and 6 personal zoom coaching sessions: Single Payment $600 or $250 pm (3 months)

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Coming to CAJS and going through the Magnum Opus program has given me a structure and logic I woefully needed and a hope I couldn’t have imagined. Although I had been working with my inner world for most of my life in my development as a writer and poet, this has given me new ways not only in continuing in my creative endeavours, if I so choose, but maybe more importantly, has given me hope as a person.


Albedo opened me up to listening more closely to my dreams and connecting with my ego. I’ve always been a dreamer and able to remember the convoluted, symbolic messages, awakening and writing out as much as I can recall. The exercises helped me recognize myself better on the material and spiritual plans. They opened doorways during my varying cycles of hope and despair, clarity and illusion, success, and failure, while I sought my inner balance while being propelled to grow and transform… Thank you to Stephen, Anja, Caleb, Tasha, Johann, and my fellow travellers on this journey.


Looking back over the year during Magnum Opus it was to be one of the darkest periods in my life, not due to the course itself, but due to the myriad factors in my life.  We were in the second year of the COVID 19 epidemic.  I was losing touch with everything I knew before about engaging with life due to the forced isolation.  I was well into my own private isolation when the course started… Magnum Opus is a wholly different level of turning inward and the compost I needed for an awakening. This course was the life raft I grappled with during these significant life changes while lost at sea.  It gave me a container to do the deep inner work with the structure I needed to do it.  I believe this last year to be the darkest night for my soul simply because of the largess of the areas in my life in which I was affected. In addition, I was struck to the core with my disenchantment in my relationships and ultimately the relationship with myself, which was transformed through Magnum Opus.


Albedo and Symbols. This part was probably my second biggest field of new discoveries. That there is on language in my life, I have heard/seen a lot, but what I cannot speak nor read – language of symbols. That my life is full of them and… there is part of my life what is consisting only of them – my dreams. Discovery, that I need to learn to speak that language ASAP! And I started and it gave me immediate results. Thank You and Your team for the Journey, hope to meet You again.



So perhaps this is the place I have come to on this MO journey. Not a destination, no fanfare, the work of a life continues, but with more awareness and capacity to explore the inner and deeper realms of this existence. And the acknowledgement that this is the real work of a life, and that it requires dedication, confidence in one’s capacities and resources, the ability and commitment to see the gold in the seemingly mundane experiences of this extraordinary thing we call life.

Thank you to Stephen Anthony Farah, Tasha Tollman, and Johann Mynhardt, and thank you to all of you my collaborators on this journey. I look forward to more adventures with some of you in the exploration of the golden flower, and to the others, may your own explorations and journeys go well through both the darkness and the light.

And now at last, to sleep perchance to dream.


I have learned so much from the writings, the seminars and the sharing of all of our depths. I cherish the revelations everyone has encountered and shared. I’ve been in mourning this last couple of weeks for the ending of this amazing group. Thank you everyone and much love and blessings to you all.


I’m grateful for this course being available online, so that I can access it wherever I am and whenever I am available. I am grateful that I sat with archetypes long enough to uncover the pervasive influence of the archetypal will to pleasure in my family, and in me. Wow. I never knew that was there. I am grateful that this work brought it into my awareness. I am grateful that since shining light on this I’ve been able to make different behavioural choices. My head feels clearer. Where I stumble, there lies my treasure.


Deep gratitude for everything. I needed to tend to my life in the transforming rushing rapids. I grew, grow, love, learn. Thank you all for this touching shared journey.


I am grateful to have had this experience as it has opened my eyes to many of the roadblocks I have constructed for myself during my life and how I may change them going forward. I thank each and every one of you for this experience and wish everyone the very best in their journey. I hope to meet everyone on a dream beach, sipping your choice of liquid refreshment, and discussing the whys and why nots of life. Until we meet again! May love light our way.


The reason I choose to take this course was to introduce myself to Jung (concept, not the man) and Jungian psychology. I have very much enjoyed this course and I have gained some more understanding of Jungian psychology and it’s philosophy. This is a great tool for individuation.


This has been a remarkable course. Sharing the unconscious process as it unfolds with others has been a joyous, at times disconcerting revelry. Waking each morning with images imprinted and exploring associations has been a treasure /trauma quest continuum.I was concerned that I was not “getting it”…whatever it is…but just accepted that being within the flow of this phenomena would suffice. This morning at the close of the course, I had a “waking dream” of this type of mandala below which shifted its form to that of a eucharist, which I ingested…. ????.. you kinda can’t make this schmoozle up! love it.. The course has been an affirmation of the beauty in human spirit, sharing reflections of the inner world has been so enriching, and I am beginning to catch glimpses of the integrated human potential in this.I am sad that it is ending.. but maybe in the internal realm an energy of synergy has a base. This experience opens potential for so much more. Thank you, and everyone who has shared this time. We heard the call and we did!, ..commune ❤️ in the “noosphere”.I do believe that such an experiment helps anchor a template for human evolvement. With love and deep gratitude.


This has been a brilliant course for me. I have quite a few dreams and synchronous experiences where I have felt more whole and now feel in greater contact with what I see as the sun in my shadow which values my own inner world and private space and is the protector. It is the part I always throw away but is my most precious part and it brings light on me and then on the world. I need to treasure it and bring it out more and more by writing. Thanks!


Thank you for this course. It came at a time that I really needed healing. It has shown me how much more there is to understand about Jung, and given me a taste for wanting more. However I find the need to explore my characters in more depth with someone. The richness of the meditations and the astounding way they worked on my psyche was beyond description. I feel a lot more peaceful, as if the characters have worked subliminally towards resolution. Thank you to all the special people I have tapped into on this site, I feel privileged to have been able to follow your journeys and walk alongside you for a while.


I have gained incredible insight through these past few weeks. The course and group discussions have enriched my life tremendously. The side lectures and readings we have all been doing added to the learning and transformation process. Deeply grateful!


I am feeling heaps of gratitude and this electrical excitement after having connected more to my Myth, previously expressed, and what the Telos more clearly is for each archetype. I am thrilled at the understanding of my life I am receiving now! How incredible that just the initial application has opened up my understanding of myself so tremendously. I feel really empowered and compassionate towards so much of what I have experienced in my life up until now. I am sooooo nourished on so many levels learning about archetypes and Jung’s work!!


It’s hard to believe that this course is coming to a close. I recall that at the end of 2016 I was feeling quite lost and somewhat lonely and tossing up between doing a writer’s retreat, a zen meditation retreat or another kind of less demanding spiritual retreat. Then I saw a promo for this course and I signed up for it with barely a second thought. What a brilliant decision it turned out to be! The Nigredo and Albedo stages were the most intense and through them I was able to release ghosts of my past that had been haunting me for much of my life. To try and summarise briefly what this means to me would be very difficult but suffice to say that I feel like I have been released from the curses of both witches and ogres. How can I possibly express the gratitude I feel? It seems impossible but my hope (and also my confidence) is that the healing I have done personally and that we have done collectively here has the ability to positively affect the whole in ways that we cannot comprehend. There is no doubt in my mind of the importance of the work being done at the CAJS and all who participate in what is offered, so thank you Stephen, Anja, Max and all participants from the bottom of my heart.


I want to express my gratitude for this course and also (again) for the Magnum Opus as a whole. It can be hard to determine cause and effect, but I feel like after almost a year of delving into my own psyche, the fruits of my work are really starting to bloom. After years of unclarity in the relationship-area, I find myself in (the still early stages of) a beautiful committed relationship that has taken form exactly as it fits me, even though it is somewhat different from how I though it ‘had to be’. Next to that, it seems I am slowly moving into other areas of work. Professionally speaking, opportunity is knocking and I hope this seed will take root over the coming months. Also, after years of floating about somewhat, I find myself in the midst of a beautiful community full of caring people that share so much values that I highly ascribe to. I feel nourished and held on a daily basis. And last but not least, I think I have never felt this whole and connected inside, on a daily basis in stead of just momentary. It really feels like all the parts I identified as complete dark chaos in Nigredo, have finally come together to unite in holy union. There is some bickering there still, but the capacity to meet the inner turmoil with conscious choice has vastly increased. Thank you so so much Stephen Anthony Farah and the Magnum Opus facilitators for developing this course and for your guidance during the process.
I am really amazed at the results so far and cannot fathom what the completion of the full cycle will bring. Looking forward very much to the last stage, Rubedo.