AOI 2022 Gallery

Daimon & Duende

Art of Individuation 2022 Gallery

The following artworks were submitted by students of The Centre for Applied Jungian Psychology as part of their final application for the Art of Individuation 2022. Thank you to all of these graduates and artists for allowing us to display their artworks here. Please note that the artworks in this gallery are copyrighted and may not be downloaded or reproduced. They are the sole property of the respective artists.

Suzan Alparslan – Original Guilt

Vanessa Avelina – Madame Gnome

Afton Blake

Duende Emerging

Following the Daemon

Esperanza Álvarez Castillo – Duende and Daemon

Esperanza Álvarez Castillo – Duende and Daemon

Susan Taylor Chehak – Untitled

Charles Clapshaw – Untitled

Will Cottrell – Even Before Reason there is the Inward Movement which Reaches out Towards its Own

Anne Evjen Dahl – Untitled

Anne Evjen Dahl – Untitled

Jen Demartino – Untitled

Electra Marlen Djini – Untitled

Khadija Ejaz – Untitled

Francoise Elvin – Untitled

Gale Fralin – Untitled

Azita Gandjei – Untitled

Christina Hirschlein – Untitled

Guy Kilchrist – Untitled

Charles Larry – Conundrum

Malini Maunsell – Untitled

Sushmita Mazumdar – Dil ba Dil

Elizabeth McHale – Notes on Geometry

Juliet Morgan – Untitled

Carola Muller – Soul Landscapes

Carola Muller – Soul Landscapes

Pamela Norris – What Lies Beneath: Duende

Shaun Peters – Untitled

Gwen Pincomb – Untitled

Gwen Pincomb – Untitled

Eva Reddy – Untitled

Eva Reddy – Untitled

J.J. Richards – Septennia

Sharon Robertson – Meeting at the Edge

Ryan Rudy-Logue – Passage of Duende

Emylia Safian – The Hungry Ghost

Simon Sawell – Untitled

Ashley Tunstall – Untitled

Judy Von Tress-Pretto – Untitled

Dylon Whyte – The Struggle is Surreal