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About Us

The principle goal of the Jungian journey is to find yourself, who you authentically are independently of what you have been told to believe about who you are. The Jungian approach encourages self expression, pursues self knowledge, rekindles meaning and enables the realisation your optimum destiny or what Jung called individuation.

The goal of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is to make Jungian psychology accessible to all. We focus on teaching Jungian psychology as a practical, accessible and real tool for personal transformation.

Usually access to Jung’s work is reserved for those who are able and inclined to enter analysis, or for those exceptional and privileged enough to spend many years studying the Collected Works (20 volumes) and the last eighty years of Jungian and Post Jungian literature, in other words – the privileged few.

We stress that the teaching and facilitation offered is not of a clinical nature and is not a substitute for those requiring or seeking analysis.

Our method of delivery is neither academic nor esoteric, focusing instead on the practical application of Jung’s work in the student’s life for the purposes of personal transformation, increasing consciousness and promoting individuation.

This is not meant to reduce the depth and complexity, nor subtlety of Jung’s opus and in no way denigrates the invaluable work provided by Jungian analysts around the world.


We have a number of online courses that are presented during the year. Our signature online course is the Magnum Opus Programme. This four stage programme consist of Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas and Rubedo. These stages can be completed in any order.

We also offer a range of 6 to 10 week online courses which focus on various Jungian concepts and themes.

Most courses are facilitated and supported by a private Facebook Forum, but we do have self-study options as well.

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We have a wide variety of blogs that spans from 2013. We share our personal experiences and concepts from Jungian psychology. We have also posted some guest blogs, book reviews and more.

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We have a list of recommended books and dvd’s for those who are interested in Jungian psychology.

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If you are interested in free content, please download our Applied Jungian Lexicon. We also run various promotions during the year of free content.

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Whether you need an Analyst, or want to join a Jungian Society or want to purchase Jungian books, we have a comprehensive list of Jungian providers.

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