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Transcendence: a guide from The Matrix.

One of the classics of contemporary cinema The Matrix addresses a timeless question. What in analytical psychology we would call an archetypal question. Simply: is this it? Is this life, the world and this reality, fundamentally, essentially and absolutely real or not? If we conclude that it is fundamentally real, and furthermore that this is not only it but this is all there is to it, , then that is really that. The question is answered; and we can move [...]

On the Darker Side of Life

I have thinking quite a bit lately about the issue of relationships. The thing that concerns me is the level of aggression that comes into our relationships. Not only aggression, or at least not only patently aggressive behaviour, but all the various subtle manifestations of this: social one-up-man-ship, character assassination, power struggles and so on. A particularly vivid example of this was pointed out to me a few months ago. When anyone in a social gathering tells a story, how shortly [...]

Lost and The Spirit Temple

Spoiler Warning. Saturday night saw the end of an era. A television series so compelling that it almost makes the invention of TV justifiable. The final episode of the series Lost has aired. This marks the end of a journey that began in 2004 and has taken an average of 16 million viewers (per episode) on a mysterious, nail biting, brilliantly written, acted and sublimely produced journey. A journey which for six years, six seasons and 117 episodes kept us all guessing and [...]