hmm… This is a little unusual.

hmm… This is a little unusual.

This is a guest post by Ryan Parker.

So, I took your advice and bought my very own copy of Rian Malans Resident Alien, which it seems is the culmination of a week of only in Joburg moments, which Ive had the delight of witnessing directly or hearing about from other not yawning but yawing souls, including but not limited to your I come not to bury ET blog.

First there was fast talking, little said, Paul. Hailing as he does originally from the Corpus Christi in the star struck USA, where besides being one of the few fashionably secular, once was Jewish people who actually knows what the Corpus Christi is; also emigrated from America to South Africa. Not out of any furry feelings of Save the Starving in Africa; but rather because, in his words Its great to do business in the wild west. It took him 6 months working tirelessly in the States to get the docs and papers he needed to just get into the country, and believe it or not there was no hot Pretoria bokkie influencing his determination. This is unusual hey?

Then Bill from Vancouver , who I keep telling to go back home, its what your wife needs , its what your business needs , its what your sons need and most of all its what you need. He answers every time, yeah, I keep meaning to get back; one day maybe, but now lets talk about doing business with XYZ ltd. I guess Bill isnt the usual though.

And what about Becky just newly from Toronto who insists Benoni is absolutely beautiful. She saw it once, fell in love with it and insisted her family live there. When I tease her about it, quoting Charlizes Benoni Rocks, she gets all defensive as if Ive insulted her Motherland. I think Becky must be a little unusual on more than one level.

Then; I took myself to see The Hurt Locker at Monte , last night which I must say I found thoroughly boring , all that angst about a quick heroic death.. Did admire the Iraqis bravery though, now thats what I call courage! Anyway I digress.

On the drive there, two young black teenage guys did some more than usual reckless manoeuvring in their Citi golf, nearly taking out in the process a Soccer Mom in her 4×4 wannabe SUV, nothing to her though. She stops them at the next robots, and shits all over them. They answer, with just as much anger, so she gets out her car and puts her finger in their faces and goes off pop. I couldnt hear what she said, but damn it worked!. They drove like two admonished school boys afterwards. Of course I think hmm thats unusual.

At the movie then , just few of us in the cinema , and Im enjoying a bit of de-stress courtesy of Hollywood, when three young Black guys start talking or more like arguing a few rows in front of me . . The white guy behind me tells them to shut up, waits a few seconds and then picks up his popcorn and throws it at them. To which one of them in particular, starts to get wildly mad , screaming at the top of voice , you fucking white people I hate you , I hate you I hate you , you fucking honky white )*&^%$

He stands up and directs a well aimed shot of his own popcorn at me , I guess because Im behind him and Im white so hes assuming it must have been me . He carries on so long and loud that the white guy who threw the Pop corn gets up and leaves along with his girlfriend , I suppose thinking they are now fully justified. Some others too, walk out a little later, and things slowly settle down. Everyone looks at me and him as they walk past as if its only a matter of time before we come to blows.. even though Ive said and done nothing . Back of my mind though, Im thinking Ill have to use my crutches on him.

Stephen: Ryan being something of an Extreme Joburger (kind of like an extreme sportsman only crazier) managed to snap two bones in his left leg and is currently on crutches.

The movie ends finally, and as Im walking out he walks up to me. So I lean back on one leg, ready my crutch and think wonder if he has the guts to take on a cripple in public, when he says to me Im really sorry .. really really . That was rude and uncouth of me and grabs my hand. To which I respond, its cool .. lets go for a drink.

So the night ended with Kakathakani and I having some great conversations in the prive – smoking lounge, about the best way to ride a mountain bike downhill, and a sense of hmm this is unusual

Anyway thought youd appreciate the story, since weve spoken about , those surreal nights we used to have when we were younger than we are now .


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