Living Meaningfully

What Makes Life Meaningful?

This post is a brief look at what creates meaning in our lives. And a list of a few of the containers in which the gift of meaning is to be found. To watch this post as a video click here . Meaning is not the province of reason, it is an irrational phenomenon. We cannot arrive at meaning (in the sense we use the word here) through a process of logical deduction. Meaning is not quantative, it cannot be measured using [...]

The Power of One More Thing…

Frequently in life and in the pursuit of meaning we find ourselves frustrated. Despite the best of intentions and the most carefully laid plans we sometimes find our efforts thwarted. An annoying situation to be sure, but one which we no doubt all encounter at some point or another. Even, I suspect, the most spectacular achievers. The difference with these high achievers is that they are able to successfully overcome adversity. Or so we are given to believe. This post is [...]

Twelve Essential Life Lessons

Jung, like the ancient Greek mathematicians, believed that number was sacred. Specifically that number was the first and most fundamental archetype. It is in that spirit that I list the 12 most important things I have learnt about life. Things which have made my life richer, more meaningful and have helped me in the quest to understand the meaning of life. Socrates said that we cannot teach anyone anything; all we can do is help them remember. Do you remember any [...]

Darwin, Dawkins & Dennet et al vs. A Meaningful Life.

The issue of science versus spirituality is a dilemma which many people around the world have been grappling with for the last few hundred years. And the absence of soul life has become increasingly acute in the 20th and now 21st centuries. This post is a look at what these challenges are to the life of the spirit, presented by science, where they come from and what, if any, answers may be offered in defence of the human soul. This paradox [...]

What would Charles Darwin say about Satori?

This is the problem, as I see it, the Evolutionary Imperative, famously discovered by Darwin, which discovery ranks amongst the greatest ever (!), in the history of science, presents a problem for any form of Utopian Ideology. I quote Charles Linderman, mob boss, healer and co-founder of the Company, in the Graphic Novel (and now TV series), Heroes, in his conversation with Nathan Petrelli. “You see, I think there comes a time when a man has to ask himself whether he [...]

What is the Meaning of Life?

This, my friends and only companions, is the question. In true paradoxical style it is both the most important and stupidest of all questions. And it is a question readily dismissed as meaningless by the bourgeois. Except possibly by some real dimwits who are simply too naive to realise how stupid (and dangerous) the question is. Stupid- because naturally there is no answer, or at least no definitive answer. The question is nonsense, at least in the rational sense. We [...]

Towards a Science of Meaning

Let’s try and get some perspective on the question of meaning, specifically the meaning of life. What are the questions we need to answer and what are our challenges we need to address in asking the question: what is the meaning of my life (personal, subjective) or what is the meaning of life (collective, objective)? 1. Does the question (what is the meaning of life) itself make sense? A lot of people react to the question as a naivet’. What [...]

Lifes 10 Greatest Pleasures

A question a friend of mine asked me today, about whether I enjoyed ‘gourmet food ‘ and my answer that I really enjoyed good food , whether it was gourmet or not, got me thinking. It got me thinking about what the greatest pleasures in life are. I know it’s a tenuous link to the question about gourmet food, but hey there you have it . So always on the lookout for good blog material, this post is about the [...]

7 Steps towards leading a Meaningful Life

Step 1 Be Buff We are physical as well as spiritual beings. To break it down further, I think the classification into physical, psychic and spiritual beings has merit; and to each of these we need to pay our dues. As an advocate of the soul of man I am naturally partial to any system which addresses man on the psychic level. Nevertheless I am struck by the inherent limitation of any system, that seeks to promote personal growth and wellbeing, [...]