The Jungian Music School

“I feel that from now on music should be an essential part of every analysis. Musical interaction reaches deep archetypal material that we can only sometimes reach in our analytical work with patients.”

 (C.G. Jung, 1956, as quoted by Margaret Tilly)

Music, of all the arts, has the most immediate direct and visceral impact on the soul. It is the intersection of mathematical harmony with the ineffable, and otherwise inexpressible, movements of the spirit. In the creation or appreciation of music the aesthetic ideal is realised. Music, great music, archetypal music transforms the prosaic into the sublime and elevates meaningless suffering into majestic pathos. The flight of the soul from Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained has no more agile steed. Sections of Art and Pop music selected and presented by five virtuosos of the psyche and heard through the amplifier of depth psychology, promises to take the student on an unparalleled, felicitous, and polyphonic tour of the psyche.

Programme duration: 8 Weeks

Start date: Saturday the 24th of October 2020

Registration closes at midnight (PST) on Thursday the 22nd of October 2020.

Programme includes:

  • Eight live and interactive online presentations.

  • A concurrent and parallel psycho-educational process run over the eight-weeks of the programme.

  • Membership of a private and facilitated student forum hosted on Facebook for the duration of the programme.

  • A certificate of completion.

Time & Logistics

  • The weekly presentations, which are the spine of the programme, take place every Saturday (18h00 British Summer Time/ 12-Noon Eastern Daylight Time).

  • These presentations are 2-hours long and are recorded for later viewing for those unable to attend live.

  • You will have access to the recorded presentations and any learning material distributed for 12-months after the end of the programme.

  • Overall time requirement for participation is between 2 to 4 hours per week.

The Faculty consist of 5 world renowned Jungian Scholars and Analysts.

Joel Kroeker, DAPsych, is a Swiss-trained Jungian psychoanalyst, clinical supervisor, authorised meditation instructor and a registered Music-Centred Psychotherapist with a private practice based in Victoria, BC. He is the founding international workshop facilitator of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP) and an international recording and touring artist on True North Records. He divides his time between his clinical practice and teaching Jungian-oriented courses at universities across Brazil, Europe and North America. His new book, “Jungian Music Psychotherapy: When Psyche Sings” is a finalist for the IAJS (International Association for Jungian Studies) book award.

Paul Attinello is a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice and a senior lecturer in music at Newcastle University, who has also taught at the University of Hong Kong and as a guest professor at UCLA. He received his PhD from UCLA and analytic diploma from the C. G. Jung-Institut in Zürich. He is published in numerous essay collections, journals, and reference works, writing on contemporary musics, the culture of AIDS, and philosophical and psychological topics. He is co-editor of collections on the Darmstadt avant-garde and on music in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Thomas Moore studied music composition at DePaul University and the University of Michigan, and in his later work transforms psychotherapy into care of the soul. He has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Syracuse University. He has taught religion and psychology at several universities and has been a psychotherapist in his own definition of the word for forty years. He has written thirty books, including some fiction. In the spring of 2021 his new book Secrets of Psychotherapy will be published by HarperOne.

John Beebe is a psychiatrist and past president of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. He is the creator of the Eight-Function-Attitude, Eight-Archetype Model of types. He has written Integrity in Depth; and most recently, Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type: The Reservoir of Consciousness as well as the preface to the Routledge Classics edition of Jung’s Psychological Types. He is co-author of The Presence of the Feminine in Film and authored the chapter ‘The voice of the anima in popular singing’ in Music and psyche: contemporary psychoanalytic explorations.

Dr. Mark Winborn is a licensed clinical psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst, and nationally certified psychoanalyst with over 30 years of clinical experience.  He provides individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults in Memphis, Tennessee.  Dr. Winborn is a training/ supervising analyst of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. He has served as the Training Coordinator of the Memphis Jungian Seminar, is on the faculty of the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich and the Moscow Association for Analytical Psychology as well as visiting faculty at a number of institutes and seminars both in the USA and internationally. He is the author of Interpretation in Jungian Analysis: Art and Technique, Shared Realities: Participation Mystique and Beyond (Fisher King) and Deep Blues: Human Soundscapes for the Archetypal Journey (Fisher King).

Registration now closed.

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