The Jungian Mystery School 2024: Psychology & Psychedelics – Subscription

$130.00 / month for 3 months

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With growing interest and research into psychedelics their psychotherepeutic benefits can no longer be ignored. While there is the potential danger of opening the floodgates to the unconscious, these powerful substances can be used to access and work with the unconscious in ways not entirely dissimilar to Jung’s active imagination.

In addition the capacity for analytical psychology to offer a symbolic lens through which to understand psychedelic experience gives it a fairly unique advantage in the emerging field of psychedelic asssisted psychoterapy.

Join us for an 8 week exploration of the intersection of psychedelics, visionary experiences and Jungian psychology.


START DATE: Saturday 8 June 2024


Live 90 – 120 minute interactive lectures / workshops each Saturday for 8 weeks. All lectures are recorded for later viewing for those unable to attend live.

Participation in a facilitated private Facebook page for the student community and interactions.

All learning material and lectures remain available to you for 12-months after the programme completes.

Certificate of Completion upon completion of the programme.


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