The Jungian Film School 2024 – Classic Cinema (Subscription)

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Join us for an exploration of the archetypal and collective mythologies that defined classic cinema. Looking at film through the lens of Jungian theory provides a valuable map and language that the intrepid film maker, critic, or aficionado may use to orient themselves within the imaginal landscape of the motion picture art. As we begin to understand our collective myths through the language of classic films so too can we begin to understand ourselves.

What’s included?

  • A series of six virtual lectures presented by Jungian analysts and academics followed by an interactive QnA session (via Zoom).
  • The above presentations will be recorded for those who cannot attend the event live.
  • Six interactive virtual student group sessions via Zoom hosted by CAJS facilitators.
  • Participation in a private and facilitated Facebook forum where you will interact with other students and facilitators on the films’ themes.
  • Time requirement: 1.5-5 hours per week.

* Due to copyright and territorial distribution restrictions we sadly cannot provide the viewing of the actual films in their entirety as part of our offering. Please check Apple TV+, Google Play, Amazon Prime or other streaming platforms for film availability should you wish to view the films prior to the presentations.

Duration: 6 Weeks
Start Date: 20 April 2024
Registration closes midnight 19 April 2024 PST.


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