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Jung Unplugged is for anyone interested in Carl Gustav Jung or depth work, but not familiar with all the concepts from Jung’s teaching.

The Jungian Lexicon teaches you a language which will reveal a new perspective on how you view and experience your own life and your interactions with others. At the end of the course you will have an understanding of the key ideas from Jungian psychology.

Jung’s vast range of interests and depth of research and application makes him relevant to a many modern therapists and healers. Whether your interest is focused on the body and mind, astrology, tarot, religion, spirituality or psychology, Jung’s system will add a depth to your understanding of your own modality and practice.

The Jungian system is a roadmap to understanding yourself and the world around you. It offers deep and profound insight into your own dynamics and that of others.

If you are interested in personal empowerment, want an understanding of Jungian concepts and access to self knowledge that only the Jungian Lexicon can uncover, this course is for you.


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