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This is the stage of The Magnum Opus that deals with illumination and amplification. The process through which previously unconscious contents are brought into the light of consciousness and a dialogue with the unconscious psyche or soul is initiated. The purpose of the dialogue, to make conscious the impulses, intentions and trajectory of the unconscious psyche. Through such dialogue, to bring the conscious and unconscious psyche into a state of synthesis, to facilitate the fertilisation and amplification of the conscious personality by the unconscious, and to heal fractures in the unconscious psyche.

The trajectory and telos of this process is:

  • Greater consciousness
  • Less fragmentation and more cohesion in the psyche
  • A personality that is whole
  • A life that expresses the Self archetype (the authentic or essential self), as opposed to the default provisional self that is a very limited and inauthentic expression of the total personality

Engaging in this fashion with the unconscious, allows the subject to recognise and come to terms with mythological patterns and archetypes present in the psyche. Making these conscious and acquiring the tools, method and practice of ongoing dialogue with the unconscious psyche:

  • Releases the chokehold the unconscious has on the conscious ego has by default
  • Allows the subject to become a collaborator and co-architect with the unconscious psyche
  • Deconstructs the provisional self, allowing the authentic or essential self to emerge
  • A critical step in the individuation process.

The course is a facilitated, self-study, online programme that is supported by mentors and a community on a private Facebook group. The group is managed by two facilitators who are available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Albedo consists of six modules. Each module is explored over a two week period. The learning material is delivered to your email in the form of a link to a podcast and a transcript.


The link and transcript are also posted on the private Facebook group. There are discussions on the Facebook page on each topic as well as guidance on the applications and exercises.

The focus of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is on the application of these psychodynamic concepts. It is through reflection and personal application that these ideas are made conscious and transmutation is achieved.

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