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Citrinitas: Exploration of Anima (soul) & Animus (spirit).

International Training Opportunities

  • Jungian Winter Intensive February 2019

    17 – 24 February 2019
    7 Day Experience in Zurich! 

    Sail into the world of Carl Jung on the snow frosted shores of Lake Zurich this winter for a Jungian Winter Intensive. The journey will take you on an in depth exploration at The C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, Switzerland. Open to all who is interested in Jungian Psychology.

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  • Art Therapy Barcelona December 2018

    9 December -15 December 2018

    Making the most of the culture and backdrop of artistically exquisite Barcelona, participants are exposed to experiential workshops, talks and daily art therapy seminars in an intensive format of morning to afternoons. Afternoons bring us out into the fantastic city of Barcelona with extraordinary excursions and experiential field trips.

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  • Existential Summit 2019

    Marrakech, Morocco 5 -12 April 2019

    Why trauma is so destructive and difficult to heal

    Includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch, outings and training! With four day Sahara Desert trek add on April 12-16

    Trauma and Healing takes you on an in depth journey through dynamic and experiential discussions of “what shakes us to our core” as human beings in traumatic experiences.

    Trauma is a deep wound that injures us emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. The impact of trauma can be far-reaching and enduring. The existential summit will discuss and work with the way trauma affects a person and offers a framework that describes the process and impact of trauma and how we can facilitate the healing process. Participants will learn principles and strategies for working with a wide range of traumas and applying the healing strategies.

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