The Secret of the Golden Flower Group

The Secret of the Golden Flower

An online guided psychodynamic practice in the art of individuation amidst the isolation, anxiety, and heartbreak of the (novel) coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the classic Taoist-Jungian text The Secret of the Golden Flower

“Without doubt, also, the realization of the opposite hidden in the unconscious, i.e. the ‘reversal’, signifies reunion with the unconscious laws of being, and the purpose of this reunion is the attainment of conscious life or, expressed in Chinese terms, the bringing about of the Tao.”

— Carl Gustav Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, P. 95-96

The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies in conjunction with the New Jungian Book Club is offering a four month (120 day) online support group and guided individuation practice, starting on the 31st of March and continuing until the end of July 2020. The specific focus of the group and practice is for individuals dealing with the current pandemic and the enforced isolation and the accompanying disruption of normal life during this time.

This process will be guided by Stephen Anthony Farah MA. Head of Learning at The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies and executive member of the International Association of Jungian Studies. This text and its practical application have been a focus of Stephen’s for the last two decades and its practice is well suited to current circumstances.

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Tuition fees and registration

This programme and process are offered as part of a social outreach programme during this challenging time. We invite you to join our current active student base.

Three payment options are available:

  • International Students: $19 per month
  • South African Students: R190 per month
  • The above noted, no student will be turned away over this time because of affordability issues. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome and if you are unable to afford the standard suggested tuition fee, pay whatever donation you can afford.

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