Masterclass confirmation

Congratulations on joining the Masterclass!

Please take a moment to reread the guidelines of membership. Once you have done that follow the link to the Masterclass Facebook group. Apply to join the Facebook group and I will approve the application as soon as I see it. All material is disseminated via this group page and all discussion takes place on this page. Posting your applications remains at your discretion, but it is only on the Facebook page I am able to offer you feedback on the applications.

Beyond the class work you are welcome to work privately with me. Private sessions, available only to Masterclass students and subject to availability, are offered once monthly for an hour are charged at $30 or R350 per month (over and above the MC fee). NB. But this is by no means a necessary element to progress in the class! Very few students in the class work privately with me. I prefer the class environment and have limited time available for private sessions.

To contact me directly for anything related to the class

For any billing or administrative queries

Link to the Masterclass Facebook group


Membership guidelines

  1. Your commitment to the class is for an unspecified duration of time. This class is a community and crucible for those practicing individuation as an ongoing moral imperative. As individuation has no specifiable timeframe neither does the class. Your contractual commitment is monthly. That said, we respectfully request that you look at work in the masterclass in one-year blocks, anything less can be disruptive to the community.
  2. All applications practised in the class and most especially the applications of other students are confidential and not for discussion outside of class. In the alchemical tradition the class is treated as a hermetically sealed container. Naturally the choice to discuss what emerges from your own applications with your psychotherapist or a confidant is yours. However, your participation in the class is strictly conditional on the undertaking to never share anyone else’s material or disclose anything about anyone in the class that may be prejudicial, outside of the container of the class.
  3. Being in the masterclass means being part of a community. In order to interact meaningfully in that community, you need to patriciate in class and /or on the Facebook forum.
  4. Membership is only offered and extended a year at a time.