Mandala workshop


Transformation through art

This workshop is for you if you have an issue or dilemma that you are dealing with. Through working with the symbol of the Mandala we will explore and transform the issue on a symbolic level.

Saturday 19 October 2019
12:00 to 16:00

Booking is essential!

Mandala Workshop

 Join us to create your own transformational Mandalas.

Each class is R450.00. Click below to register and book.

Workshop process:

  • Reflecting on dilemma and creating a Mandala to represent the issue.
  • Follow a four step process towards resolution.
  • Creating a second Mandala to capture movement towards resolution.
  • Discussion of symbolism captured in Mandalas.
  • Reflecting on process of transformation.

Gain an understanding of:

  • The unconscious dynamic of the dilemma.
  • Your relationship to the dilemma.
  • The power of a Mandala.
  • Working with symbolism.
  • The movement of transformation.


I participated in Anja and Max’s Mandala Workshop. To spend an afternoon in a quiet space and allowing myself to create my Mandala was truly amazing. The discussions and feedback among the group was insightful and brave. This is a magical way of connecting with the unconscious and projecting resolutions into the universe. I created my Mandala conscious of my dilemma and what I wanted from it. 4 days later I received an e-mail out of nowhere with my answer. Thank you Anja and Max for helping me to connect in such a powerful and magical way.


Sacred space, knowledgable facilitators and freedom to express through a mandala. loved this workshop which allowed for creativity in a non-judgmental space, with a psychological explanation of numbers and colours. This was a fantastic workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Love love loved it! Great afternoon and good group dynamic. Thank you.


As an artist I have a new understanding and insight into the shapes and colours I use in my art. I felt connected and moved by this workshop. Thank you so much!