Albedo: the Whitening

Albedo: the way of Illumination

discover the secret language of the soul

12 Week Online Course. 

Course starts 14 May 2018. Registration now closed.

Engage in a dialogue between the conscious ego and the soul.

Uncover and engage your most deeply held desires.

Identify your personal and archetypal symbols. 

Learn the practical techniques of increasing consciousness.

Understand and practice Jungian dream interpretation.

Apply the technique of active imagination.

What is this course about?

Carl Gustav Jung realized that many of his patients experienced symptoms of dissatisfaction, depression and feeling stuck. They felt this way not because they suffered from any mental illness, but because they were trapped in a reality where the ego driven goals of career, family and status had become meaningless and suffocating.

Working with this feedback from his patients and a lifetime of research and reflection on this question of meaning, he developed the system of Jungian, (Analytical) Psychology. A theorem designed to reconnect the individual with their essential self. His system promotes psychological health by virtue of the individual being able to re-imagine their ego personality and revitalise their personal identity. The inspiration for this process and infusion of libido comes from the archetypal energy and symbolism latent in the unconscious psyche.

“The state of imperfect transformation, merely hoped for and waited for, does not seem to be one of torment only, but of positive, if hidden, happiness. It is the state of someone who, in his wanderings among the mazes of his psychic transformation, comes upon a secret happiness which reconciles him to his apparent loneliness. In communing with himself he finds not deadly boredom and melancholy but an inner partner; more than that, a relationship that seems like the happiness of a secret love, or like a hidden spring-time, when the green seed sprouts from the barren earth, holding out the promise of future harvests.” – C. G. Jung.

Jung realized that only through communication with the unconscious can we bring meaning, life and feeling back into our lives. This communication is activated during symbol work, active imagination and dream interpretation. This dialogue with the unconscious is achieved through engaging with what is typically unseen and yet has a profound impact on living a life with purpose and meaning.

The goal of Jungian work is not to change yourself, to become perfect, to overcome who you are or better adapt. It is rather, the realisation of authenticity and wholeness. This process is called individuation – a movement towards yourself. This journey is towards truly accepting yourself, recognizing and learning to appreciate your unique individuality. A journey towards meaning, purpose and joy in what makes you unique, simply, what makes “you” you.

Albedo will introduce and teach you the key elements involved in working with symbols and teach you the skills and tools that you will need to engage and work with your own unconscious.

This programme is open to all, regardless of previous experience with Jungian or psychodynamic theory. This is an excellent introduction to the key concepts in Applied Jungian Psychology. These concepts are approached and engaged with, using a creative and reflective perspective. The course is designed to facilitate the development of a more holistic perspective on yourself and the world around you. The focus is on individuation, meaning and consciousness.

This twelve week course will explore:

Module 1: Consciousness: The essential anchor for the journey into the unconscious. Learn the method and practice of internal dialogue. Identify and engage with your most deeply felt desires.
Modules 2 & 3: Symbols: Discover the secret language of the soul. How to identify personal and archetypal symbols and use them for healing, transformation, creativity and inspiration.
Modules 4 & 5: Dreams and Active Imagination: The royal road to the unconscious. Learn the method of active imagination and Jungian dream interpretation. Apply this technique for increased understanding, meaning, self-awareness and transformation.
Module 6: Ego: Reaping the rewards of the journey, amplifying, fertilizing, and re-imagining conscious identity. Understanding the role of the ego, they mythological hero, on the journey to individuation.

How does this course work?

The course is a facilitated, self-study, online programme that is supported by mentors and a community on a private Facebook group. The group is managed by two facilitators who are on hand to answer questions, offer guidance and provide support.

Albedo consists of six modules. Each module is explored over a two week period. The learning material is delivered to your email in the form of a link to a podcast and a transcript. The link and transcript are also posted on the private Facebook group. Each module is explored over the two week period. There are discussions on the Facebook group page on each topic as well as guidance on the various applications and exercises.

The focus of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is on the application of these psychodynamic concepts. It is through reflection and personal application that these ideas are made conscious and transmutation is achieved.

What will I gain?

The goal of this course is to allow you to engage yourself with interest, compassion and kindness. To allow yourself the wonder of finding out who you really are and the space to engage yourself on a deep and profound level.

Albedo  will guide you and empower you to uncover what moves you, what inspires you and your unconscious belief systems that drive you.  The movement is inwards, to discover the wonder of who you are and re-enchanting your relationship with the world around you and with yourself.

Albedo will introduce you to a world of magic and wonder that you are currently unaware of. The course will teach you the methods of identifying symbols, how to uncover the meaning of these symbols and allow you to uncover the hidden projections which are filled with potential for growth and self awareness.

Engaging with symbols, their meaning and their power for transformation is a process that is reflective and liberating. Symbols in dreams will help you uncover the hidden messages from your unconscious. Join this course and learn the skills and tools for ongoing personal transformation. Learn the language of the soul and engage the innermost essence of yourself in order to bring a new level of understanding and access to a layered, complex and fascinating personal reality.

What do I get when I sign up?

You will receive the following when you register:

  • A questionnaire to complete which will allow you to gauge your own progress on the course
  • Every second week you will receive a podcast and a transcript, containing the lecture and applications for the following two week period.
  • Applications and exercises with which to integrate and assimilate the concepts
  • A comprehensive lecture on each of the concepts
  • A list of reading material and YouTube videos
  • Free access to a private Facebook group which supports this course
  • A team of facilitators who will answer your questions and offer guidance

Registrations and Bookings

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Albedo will start on the 14th of May 2018.