Transference and Counter Transference Video 1

Congratulations on signing up to watch our video series on the Transference Identification Tool. Transference is a well known concept in psychology between the therapist and the client. We have taken it out of the therapeutic environment into the personal realm of you and me and what happens in our relationships.

We all experience the frustrating dynamics of personal relationships, where you feel that you are saying and intending one thing, but the other person seems to hear something completely different and then behave in a manner which is completely counter productive to your original intention. Well, this video series will explain exactly how this works and what actually happens. But, as I am hoping that you will uncover something previously hidden from you in your psyche, the idea whilst watching the video is to do the application.

This is not an intellectual exercise, but a personal exploration of unconscious dynamics.

Watch the first video below. There is also a PDF worksheet link underneath the video that you can download. This PDF worksheet will enable you to follow the application explained in the video.

Transference Video 1

Download the worksheet above to guide you through the process.

Do this exercise before watching video 2 in this series. The next video will not really make sense unless you have completed the application in the first one.

Do the application, you will be amazed at what it uncovers!

Watch the second video in this series now!

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