The Mundus Imaginalis Material 2024

Welcome to the Mundus Imaginalis Course!

This course will officially start on Monday the 1st of July 2024. This is a ten week course and you will receive your module material for the week every Monday as per the schedule at the bottom.

This will be the go-to page for all the content. As the course commences, I will keep this page updated with the latest module, as per the schedule at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email on Mondays to inform you that the new module has been loaded. The course is also supported by a Facebook group page which is private and confidential. The material will be uploaded on that forum as well. I strongly encourage you to join this forum as it is invaluable to have the group experience on this journey. Follow this link to join the forum

Please find below an applications guide and course introduction.

Course Schedule

Week 1

Module 1: The Power of Imagination and Fantasy

Available 1 July 2024

Week 2

Module 2: Jung's Theory of Active Imagination

Available 15 July 2024

Week 3

Module 3: Accessing the Unconscious

Available 29 July 2024

Week 4

Module 4: Associations

Available 5 August 2024

Week 5

Module 5: Amplification Part 1

Available 12 August 2024

Week 6

Module 6: Amplification Part 2

Available 19 August 2024

Week 7

Module 7: Analysis

Available 26 August 2024

This module runs over two weeks.

Week 8

Module 7: Analysis

Second week of Module 7 Analysis

Week 9

Module 8: Actualisation

Available 9 September 2024

This module runs over two weeks.

Week 10

Module 8: Actualisation

Final week of the course.