Jung in the Kitchen


Food for the Soul

Bringing into consciousness that which nourishes the soul.

This course is for anyone who wants to explore the symbolic and archetypal relationship to each part of the recipe, their relationship with self-nourishment, food, their body and meaning.
The class will focus on the archetypal relationship we have with food, consciousness and community. We will have an hour lecture with applications and process work. We will then prepare the meal with all the ingredients included on the day. Once we have cooked the meal we will enjoy our food for the soul and insightful conversation.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Booking is essential!

Topic: Archetypes

Aubergine and Lentil Stew

 The root of the psyche, where it all begins.

Each class is R450.00. Click below to register and book.

Stirring into consciousness:

  • Jung’s theory on the 5 instincts.
  • Jungian archetypes, complexes, dream work and ego.
  • The recipes ingredients symbolic essences and histories.
  • Internal dynamics as we cook as a community.
  • Nourishing our bodies and sharing our insights.

Digesting understanding of:

  • Your own instinctual drives and how they function in the world.
  • How you nourish your soul.
  • Reconnection to you body/temple.
  • Mindfulness to the cooking process and its alchemical transmutation.
  • Preparing and cooking a delicious vegetarian recipe.


Thank you Max for facilitating a process that was nourishing on so many levels. Doing experiential work as a way of conscious making provide such rich and fertile soil for the soul…what a brilliant concept!!

Welma de Beer

My take aways – I so enjoyed the relaxed informal set up. It was lovely to dabble in a small bite size of thought-provoking background info to set the scene.. creating the gentle element of intention and awareness.

Superb that we moved right into fun play part of making the dish. Moves you from head to body to heart straight away. Max created a freedom and enthusiasm to be yourself, enjoy and connect with healthy food, reflect on the questions posed to us and chat and laugh with other people about whatever you felt moved to share.

The moment of bringing it all together, when you eat, relish the taste of the dish and discuss its meaning to you, is really lively and exciting. And of course  hearing other people’s stories..all in a light and non-threatening way .. what a  effective and unqiue approach to bring about meaningful discussions.

 I felt I could share my own reflections without getting trapped in monitoring my thoughts and overanalyzing. Reflecting on my relationship with food..and how I express  creativity in my life. Loved the variety of topics so there was something everyone could connect with and explore.

Liberating experience. Max has such a wide array of knowledge on so many things. He is able to take you on paths and see yourself in new ways. I felt safe enough to push myself and push back and offer my opinion.
Wendy is there to nurture, support and include each person and put them at ease. She is a gem. And holds the space beautifully.
Brilliant workshop. Meet yourself while making your food! Love it. Thank you so very much. I’m IN for all your courses and look forward to them and seeing you shine. xxx

Claire Protherou

Thank you, Max. It was such a privilege to be part of today’s amazing class. As usual it has left me with so much food for thought.
Thank you Wendy for your wonderful effort in arranging today’s get together.

Rina Vermaak