The Conscious Living Programme

The Conscious Living Programme

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The Conscious Living Programme is an online programme that explores the key concepts and practical application of Jungian psychology for self-analysis, increased consciousness, meaning and individuation.
The is an 18 month programme, but commitment is month to month only with no penalties for unsubscribing prior to the completion of the course.

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Why Jung?

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Carl Gustav Jung was one of the pioneers of depth psychology. Together with Freud and Adler, he ushered in a new era and approach to psychological health. Their work and life’s purpose was the development of depth psychology which takes the unconscious aspects of the psyche into consideration.

The Process

Who am I

The Conscious Living Programme spans eighteen months, with each month focusing on a key concept from Jungian psychology. All material is delivered via email on the 1st of each month and includes an online community and email support from a CLP mentor.

What do I gain?


The Conscious Living Programme spans eighteen months, with each month focusing on a key concept from Jungian psychology. All material is delivered via email on the 1st of each month and includes an online community and email support from a CLP mentor.



See what our past students have shared about their experience on the Conscious Living Programme. The programme is about empowering you to become who you authentically are.

Course Content


Over the course of eighteen months the Programme will introduce you to the key transformational concepts from Jungian psychology,, e.g. the Shadow, Projection, Anima, Animus, Ego, Transference, Persona and so much more.

How do I join?


The cost to join the Conscious Living Programme is R495 ($49) per month, and includes all monthly material, email mentoring, and access to the private discussion group. Your first month on the programme is Free! Join with your Paypal account or via Paygate, a secure payment platform.

Why Jung?

Carl Gustav Jung was one of the pioneers of depth psychology; together with Freud and Adler, he ushered in a new era and approach to psychological health. Their pioneering work, subsequently built on by over a century of  academic research and clinical application, was the development of depth psychology. Depth psychology  recognises the existence and effects of the unconscious mind. We are all influenced and affected by our unconscious. Unconscious content drives your behaviour, relationships, feelings, hopes and fears. If you want to change your behaviour, or any other aspect of your psychology, this unconscious content needs to be made conscious and addressed.

The unconscious also contains qualities that you need to make conscious in order to become self-realised or as Jung put it, individuated. This is the main difference between depth psychology and the weekend workshop approach to self-realisation. Getting to know yourself, uncovering this unconscious content and working with it in order to bring about transformation is a process that takes time and continuous application. But it is permanent and dramatic change, and this change will become obvious to you and those around you within a few months.

There are many psychologists and philosophers that influenced the development of depth psychology and much has been written about the subject. Jung himself wrote eighteen extensive volumes on his theory and approach towards psychology. At the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, we have studied these volumes and written works and have developed practical, accessible applications that  makes learning and integrating these depth psychological concepts possible for anyone from any background. You will benefit from our fifteen years of extensive academic and applied  experience in this field.

Our focus at the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is on the Jungian approach. Jung offers a more holistic approach to psychology that accommodates not only the personal but the transpersonal aspects of  the human being. Spiritual meaning and fulfillment is important and the goal at the Centre is to guide and assist our students to achieve wholeness and meaning in their lives. Jung has had an enduring influence both in psychology and beyond. Not only did he write 18 Volumes on his research into the psyche and found analytical psychology, he also inspired many of the creative therapies available today, e.g. play therapy, art therapy and dance therapy, the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step programme to recovery, and the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI). For detailed information on Jung please follow this link.

If you not familiar with depth psychology or Jung’s work this programme will be a radically transformational journey into understanding and working with your psychology and unconscious dynamics. For those who are familiar with Jung, this programme offers a unique way of taking the theory of Jung and depth psychology into the realm of feeling and lived experience, through our unique approach in translating Jungian theory into a practical and applied modality outside of its typical clinical or academic focus. The programme will have a definite and real effect on your relationship with yourself, others and the world.

The Process

The Conscious Living Programme spans eighteen months. Each month focuses on a key concept from depth psychology. Every month you will receive the month’s material on the 1st via email with links to download the files. The study material consists of a podcast and a transcript of the podcast; various resources  such as videos from YouTube, a variety of articles and blog posts to amplify your understanding of the concept being dealt with and provide the opportunity for further research; and a concept document to familiarize you with the origins, definitions and role in the psyche that the concept plays. Most importantly every month you will be given a step by step guide for the practical application of the concept. The practical applications and exercises will allow you to understand, investigate and experiment with the concepts within your own psychology and, in so doing, integrate these concepts into your life.

In addition to the above study material, we also have private Facebook Group which to help guide and assist you as you go through the process. On this forum we provide the material for the month, with additional information as well as answering any questions you may have. The process is guided on this platform and we encourage our students to participate and share their respective journeys.

The majority of our student base finds that the path to individuation is lonely. Finding like-minded individuals to share your experiences and knowledge with is difficult. At the Centre we utilize the activation of the Self Archetype through group work to aid transformation. This powerful process of sharing and experiencing the soul life with others is liberating, life affirming and inspirational. We encourage students to make friends and have meetings where possible.

For the duration of the course you will be allocated a mentor, available via email, for guidance, queries and assistance as you work with the material for the month. You are welcome to email your mentor up to twice a month. The mentors are senior students of the The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, have all completed the Conscious Living Programme and had further training to assist you in this support.

Joining the Conscious Living Programme is more than simply signing up for a course – it is a personal investment, and a step towards becoming the most authentic, unique and complete version of yourself.

A recap of what you get every month:

  • A podcast on a key Jungian concept
  • A transcript of the podcast
  • Suggested further reading and links to free content on the internet
  • A concept document outlining the key points
  • Additional articles on the concept
  • Exercises to reflect on and apply the concept to your own life
  • Access to the private Facebook forum for discussion, questions and comments on the monthly module
  • Email support

  • Automatic discounts to all on-site seminars and workshops
  • A personal mentor who will guide you each step of the way as you work through the material

What do I gain?

Depth psychology will change your perspective on yourself and others. You will learn a language that will allow you to relate to the world differently. You will be empowered with skills and knowledge that will change the way you interact with others. You will become more compassionate, most importantly towards yourself. You will learn to care for and love yourself  and others more deeply and with greater compassion, through a more profound understanding of your humanity. Learning the Jungian lexicon and tools from depth psychology will liberate you.

We guarantee that this Programme will change your life!

If you have an interest in learning more about self-expression, self-knowledge, meaning, and the realisation of your optimum destiny (or what Jung termed ‘individuation’) then the Conscious Living Programme is the ideal course for you.

In addition to starting you on your journey to self-discovery, the course will also:

  • Help you to understand your patterns and behaviours.

  • Explain why you are attracted to, or have an aversion to certain people.

  • Empower you to take responsibility for your own life.

  • Open your eyes to your own unique and fascinating personality.

  • Stop your cycle of reactive behaviour and replace it with proactive behaviour.

  • Help you understand the role of the transcendent (divine) principle in your psychology and your life.

  • Teach you the difference between individualism and individuation, and affirm your right and obligation to be fully self-actualized.

  • Clarify the difference between achievement and meaning; between being goal-oriented and living your purpose.

  • Explain the difference between perfection and wholeness in your psychology.

  • Expose saboteurs in your psychology and your world.

  • Introduce you to the magical other and the power, romance and transformative nature of conscious relating.

  • Help you actualize freedom, self-agency and personal sovereignty.

  • Introduce you to the tools to access the creative power of your unconscious

  • Share with you invaluable psychodynamic tools for a life of meaning, purpose, love, desire, adventure, wonder and beauty.

Course Content

The Conscious Living Programme is aimed at people who want to understand themselves and their experiences in life on a deeper level and who wish to connect with themselves and others in a real, non-judgmental and affirming way. This programme will share with you the secrets of living a meaningful life. It is a programme that will, each month, deliver to you the key building blocks allowing you to unfold your individual and fullest potential.

Over the course of eighteen months the Programme will introduce you to the key transformational concepts from Jungian psychology. It will allow you to build consciousness through the internalisation, integration, assimilation and transformation of previously hidden, but essential, aspects of who you really are. It will guide you to become your authentic self, connecting with the transpersonal dimension of your being, and learning to live the symbolic life.

During the eighteen month programme you will become familiar with and understand in depth the following concepts:

  • Ego

  • Persona

  • Shadow

  • Complexes

  • Archetypes

  • Anima & Animus

  • Transference and Counter transference

  • Projection

  • Symbols

  • Individuation

  • The Jungian psyche

  • Dream work

  • The four steps of transformation

  • The magical other

  • Consciousness

  • Alchemy

  • Personal myth


I have benefited so much from this course, and I really would like to give a testimonial. Thank you so much. My soul journey is in celebration to the Conscious Living Programme!
My initial intention when I signed up to the Conscious Living Programme, was to address the issues of why I abandon my writing… During the work, where I expected dreams and visions, I found myself bereft of these tools. Journaling, word by word, has taken me deep into my subconscious, and brought me back into the daylight. My ruing of the ability to see my writing into fruition, has morphed into awe, as I have found the energy, the motivation to post my writing with the CLP. Furthermore, it is my writing that is giving me hope as I have written letters and mailed those words out into the world. These letters have oppression, belittlement, and unrest written throughout each line. I have owned the victim inside me. The call has been heard by my wounded warrior, and my hero. It is with words, I have flung out the despair of my soul, into the universe.
There is Light shining into this place of darkness. There is hope that things can be different. Changes are taking place. Shifts from the inside out. The voice that was silenced so long ago, far beyond memory, is awake and speaking. At the ground physical level, my workplace is being affected by this course. It is not just for me, but for many that I am making a plea. As quickly as I have sounded my voice, through the written word, the Universe is responding. My little self is now being asked to stand true to the words that I have issued forth. I will stand in the knowing; I am not alone. The Conscious Living Programme course is awesome. I cannot praise it enough, and yet, to praise it does not feel right. I bow to this experience of Divine connection. Thank you CLP members. Thank you CLP facilitators.
Janie Savage

At just the right time I received an invitation to join “The Conscious Living Programme” in my inbox. I was in a very confusing moment of my life at the time, in search of my life’s path and purpose and very disconnected from myself. It just felt right to do at the time. What unfolded was nothing short of a miracle- the spark I thought was long lost has been reignited in me. The whole new world opened for me- a world full of magic and knowledge and wisdom. I embarked on a journey with many inspiring people who were there to witness my stories, support me and give me insights when I needed them most. The process is still on and I am always excited to receive new materials at the beginning of each month!
Mihaela Homjak

I have really enjoyed the material and process that went with it. I will return again to a lot of the material, and processes, that have had a really good impact on my life, and my perspectives. Thank you for what is a really wonderful and beautifully appropriate programme to look deep in the mirror and see with different eyes. I have recommended to quite a few who I see are now also starting or recently started.
Mike Bothma

Thank you for the learning opportunity so far. I have really enjoyed it and have gained valuable insights. I must say, in varsity when ‘trying’ to study and understand Jung, I did not have much success, and your notes and layout and approach makes it really accessible and enjoyable – thank you.
Maurice Lancaster

Thank you Stephen and thank you Anja! It’s been a humbling, revealing time for me-but most of all, it has been an empowering experience. So much has been explained and answered for me. I am so deeply grateful that I decide to do this course. It spoke to me loudly and clearly. This course has shown me tha root of so many issues I have been grappling. It has taken me into the eye of the storm and shown me facets of myself that I did not know existed – but that I very much experienced in my everyday life. I am unable to articulate all that has transpired in my life, all that has been and is being transformed. You have changed my Life.
Linda Hawkins

So, how can I begin to thank you, ‘Anja and Stephen. In 12 weeks, I have travelled a journey of 25 years and uncovered the trap door to my soul and my essence. And although I know there is much grieving and mourning, reconitioning and reconstructing ahead, I have begun the process of reclaiming what is truly mine. I thank you from the depths of my being.
Rachel Carr

This programme has really pushed the start button on a new journey. I have learnt so much about the psyche in the last few sessions that as I mentioned before, I feel like I have been nudged to wake up! I look forward to the scenery along the way!’
Thank You.
Bruce Finlay

Thank you for a great programme. I wish these things could be shared with more people for it truly has a huge impact on my personal journy! The expositions were well presented and the practical exercises and homework were so relevant and helpful in grasping the concepts and teachings more comprehensively. This is surely a journey worth taking!!
Ansune Coetzee

‘I don’t really have enough words to explain my feelings and thoughts on all of it. It was a wonderful experience as this is not the way that I normally think and experience things. The course gave me insight to see things of myself that I previously would not and could not recognise.’
Willie Coetzee

I have come to know the absurd emotional truth which I have been unable to unblock. It is now at a much deeper level of awareness, where I can manage it.
Dr. Ryk Croukamp

This course has given me a better understanding of my desires and liberated me from critical self-judgment. It has allowed me to be more confident and given me an insight into my deepest desires which were too repressed to surface on their own.
Tamara Taveras

I have shifted and exposed elements of myself I needed to. My internal language has changed and I feel a deeper sense of self and a higher awareness.
Max Mechanic

I now understand with much greater clarity the real practical value of Jung’s work and where I refer to the unconscious it is with a far deeper sense of awe and appreciation of its mystical character.
Claire Protheroe

Thank you an exhilarating and enlightening journey. I will continue to follow the path to enlightenment in what ever format you can offer it and for as long as you so can so generously give of your time and expertise. it has been nothing but a pleasure!
Bernie Millar

Thank you for an amazing journey! I have learnt, evolved and struggled whilst having an amazingly supportive network of people and an inspiring teacher along for the journey. In the process I have discovered my life myth. Thank you for all the lessons learnt, the amazing experiences and the transformations along the way. My life has been made more interesting, richer and more real because of you. Thank you!
Tasha Tollman

My soul was touched and torn and pulled and stretched. I faced my deepest fears and discovered my most hidden desires. I finally embraced those inherited archetypes I attempted to run away from for so long..I have grown to love my dark side. I have learnt to listen to me. I have grown courage to let go of things and people who did not respect my journey. It was hard but necessary and rewarding. There were the fragile moments when we all shared our inner stories that I will always hold close in my heart. You took us on a magical carpet ride through the universe.
Karen Gibson

How do I join?

Follow this link to click on the “Add to cart” button at the top of the page.

Please note that you can join via Paypal (for international students) or Paygate (South African students). Remember the first month is free! You can access the material for July straight away once you have signed up. The first payment will only be processed on the 1st of August, so if you decide you don’t want to carry on with the programme or receive the second month’s material, ensure that you unsubscribe before the end of July.


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