Vienna: Interpreting Dreams through music July 31 – August 7, 2020

Interpreting Dreams Through Music

July 31 – August 7, 2020

28 CEU’s for Psychotherapists

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Experience the City of Music

Join us this summer in Vienna, the city of music, psychoanalysis, and the birthplace of Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. Dr. Leslee Brown PhD and award-winning composer and psychologist Dr. Michael Mollura PhD will lead a week-long workshop in Vienna that focuses on Dr. Mollura’s method of interpreting dreams using original music composition. On this special trip you will immerse on a unique journey into the unconscious. Your journey will include lectures and presentations on putting original music to dream images as well as tours and circle discussions about the healing components of music with sound baths and concert performances with special guest musicians from Vienna.  You will experience the healing components of music and dream analysis and discover new portals into the experience of using music as a bridge to understand consciousness. This analytic method will provide a deepened empathy for healing.

The idea of interpreting dreams with music goes back centuries to the work of mystic Sufis in the Middle East. With this work, you will engage and continue the work of our ancestors through a Jungian lens to look at and understand dreams using a creative intervention that generates a new way of understanding images and how they provide a pathway to healing. Dream work of this nature is designed to optimize the brain in order to enhance life experiences and deepened awareness.

Dr. Leslee Brown will lead a social dreaming group each morning, delving into the collective and communal aspects of dreaming. Dr. Brown, who has worked and spent many years in Vienna, will lead us on afternoon city walks focusing on the history of psychoanalysis and Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. We will walk in the footsteps of Dr. Sigmund Freud and experience Freud’s dreams in the places he dreamt, worked and lived.

Auckland is a buzzing urban hub nestled between two contrasting coastlines and hosts a combination of metropolitan delights and natural landscapes. Known as the ‘City of Sails’, Auckland is a beautiful harbor city located in the subtropical north of New Zealand. This gorgeous city is home to numerous black and white sand beaches, world-class museums, rugged mountains, verdant farmland, lush native bush, sun-drenched islands, award-winning wineries, leafy parks, charming country and coastal villages, Victorian architecture and some of the best food you will ever taste!

This series of in-depth seminars are designed for mental health professionals who want to become familiar with and apply Forensic Psychology. The seminars will be held both at at The University of New Zealand, Massey University and The Auckland South Correctional Center prison just outside the city. Your week in New Zealand will offer a very unique opportunity to work within the prison walls for in depth discussions, and an immersive on site seminar series within the prison. New Zealand has a very different view on multi- cultural harmony, and particular cultural and indigenous populations are at the forefront of our experience with various cultural issues being a part of our learning and dialogue.

You will spend two afternoons in small groups with members of the New Zealand psychology association for small group local tour experiences. A great way to share ideas, network and get to know the locals and the city!

You will culminate this fascinating program with a boat ride and Island food, nature and wine tour on our last day!

Who Is This For?

– Psychotherapists
– Mental health professionals
– World and life learners
– Those with an interest in Dreams
– Those with an interest in psychology
– Those interested in doing deeper work on personal dream material
– Psychotherapists wanting to learn more about working with dreams

*No prior experience or knowledge required!

What Will You Gain?

– Apply Dream Music Therapy, including samples, to clinical practice.
– Discuss dream work utilizing music as a means of uncovering the unconscious.
– Analyze Live Dream Music work on actual dreams reported by participants.
– Group discussions addressing dream content.
– Demonstrate how to utilize and incorporate dream work into private practice for therapists utilizing clinical cases.
– Discuss how music and psychotherapy can access healing modalities.
– Describe social dreaming and its applications in clinical practice.
– Discuss Hillman’s “imaginal space” of the psyche where creativity helps connect us all to the sublime true nature of the self to provide healing.
– Apply specific strategies on how to work with dreams with clients and address the problem of meaning in dream images.
– Define the function of dreams and how to describe the content using a therapeutic lens.
– Develop a unique symbolic language that can be applied to dream images to guide the process of interpreting dreams.

What’s Included?

— Lodging in a modern boutique hotel (shared rooms; single supplement available)
– All lectures and seminars
– All breakfasts
– One lunch
– Apéro closing reception party
– Two dinners
– Visit to Freud’s house
– Walking tours
– Music Museum visit
– outdoor film and music concerts
-Picnic and putting music to Freud;s dreams at “AM Himmel” a famous picturesque hilltop where Freud had his famous dreams
– Vienna coffee house visits
-Sound healing
– Evening concert in historic location

Itinerary Highlights

    • Walking In The Footsteps Of Dr.Sigmund Freud: Walking tour and VIP tour of Freud’s house

    • Cultural visit to Music Museum

    • Sound Healing

    • Social Dreaming

    • Outdoor evening concerts

    • Picnic in the countryside where Freud had his famous dreams


Dr. Leslee Brown, PhD

Dr. Brown is President and Director of Mind Body Passport Inc. designing and leading international trips for adult professionals, offering continuing education credits worldwide. Dr. Brown’s interests are multi-faceted, engaging topics of psychology, culture, art, psychoanalysis and social dreaming. She is passionate about weaving many disciplines and interests together and creating an atmosphere of growth and learning. Travel opens ones mind and creates change bringing new perspectives on living life. She also served as The Director of International Seminars and Gastprofessor at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. International psychology and developing “psychologists without borders” has become her focus. Dr. Brown has been in private practice for over twenty years, has been a research psychologist for The Neurological Institute and has served on faculty at UCLA Medical School teaching psychology and rapport building techniques to medical students. Dr. Brown was also assistant professor at The Chicago School and Director of Centers for International Studies. Leslee lives and works part time in in Los Angeles, part time in Paris, and the rest of the time is traveling the world.

Dr. Michael Mollura, PhD

Dr. Mollura is a psychologist with a practice in Beverly Hills, CA and is an award-winning feature film composer. His music has been featured in critically acclaimed movies such as Awake: The Life of YoganandaHare KrishnaHealClimate Refugees, HBO’s Hot CoffeeClimate Refugees, and many others. Dr. Mollura has developed a method of interpreting dreams using original music composition, as he puts live music that he creates with other acclaimed musicians in a unique and transformative original method. As a Jungian with a special love for Self Psychology and Existential Psychology, Dr. Michael Mollura is firstly a dream specialist who has worked with dreams in a variety of ways and he is excited to share his researched approaches and help guide each attendee to develop a new appreciation and interest in working with dreams in their practice on a clinical level.


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