Mystical Morocco: Live a more magical, mystical and meaningful life

Mystical Morocco: Live a more magical, mystical and meaningful life

1 December to 9 December 2017

Mystical Magical Morocco


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Wellness, creativity and re-connecting to the vision of your life.

Join us in mystical , magical Marakech Morocco for a journey you will never forget, integrating contemplative practice into contemporary psychotherapy. Transform your life from the mundane to the sublime. You will discover and recreate your life vision to include insights and tap into your intuition from the unseen world of your unconscious. In this training, participants will learn therapeutic skills, contemplative practices and mindfulness tools to incorporate into their personal and professional lives to work with emotions and help clients to greater awareness.

You will learn to trust and access that intuitive world that we lose touch with in our fast paced everyday lives. Tap into your creativity, community and unconscious  accessing your archetypal images and symbols through dreams. You will access your intuitive world through creativity, community dialogue, play, work with archetypal images, creative writing exercises, tarot, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

Experience how these images relate to and inform your deeper understanding of yourself through energetic shifts, body signs + mystical messages from your deeper unconscious and/or the universal messages of nature. Mystical Morocco as the backdrop provides participants from around the world a unique opportunity to come together and discuss getting back on the right life path, how to take care of oneself and avoid burnout and tap into our universal symbols and messages that we often ignore in our busy day to day routine.

A rare opportunity to spend the week  in  Marakech with like minded participants from around the world. Immerse in self care and recreate your vision of the best possible you. Being fully present in the world helps strengthen and improve relationships in our lives, counseling and psychotherapy.
This wonderful experiential journey will also take us on adventurous cultural excursions and group get togethers to further immerse you in the culture and life in Morocco.
The contents and procedures practiced can be applied in counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and  for self.

Who is this course for?

For mental health professionals and others interested in the topic and experience. The level is appropriate for beginners and more advanced participants


Dec. 1, Friday 
Arrivals meet-and-greet, introductions to the group, Review goals for the overall experience
Explore our cultural  and magical Riad in Marakech Morocco
Welcome Moroccon tea and authentic pastries
Relax and unwind,  poolside, garden and lush mystical grounds.
7 p.m: Group cultural dinner at our Riad ( included), prepared by our private chef using local ingredients , spices and the flavors of Morocco

Dec. 2, Saturday
7-8am: Coffee, tea/ juiceBreakfast at our riad

*8-10am: Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown) Lecture, setting the foundation and social dreaming group.

10-12:00pm:  Art for wellbeing, re connecting with the vision of your life. Tapping into creativity and intuition (Jane Mcadam Freud)
•Drawing a life. A series of drawing/painting exercises on the theme
 •Rorschach style painting with three colours (max)
•Find an image therein which represents your ideal life as you would wish it to be.
•Automatic drawing with a pencil: – drawn into the wet paint of a second acrylic print, as though in a dream state. Draw into the image while visualizing your new life.
•One specific change
On paper, in a colour representing that change, paint the activity, which will be central to your new life.12pm:

Lunch in the city (not included) and free time to explore

*5-7pm: Making lives – symbolized by – making a sculpture ( Jane Mcadam Freud)
 The elements are: gravity (it must be stable), scale (it must be seen) and sense (it must embody a meaning for you)
 Going outside together we will all collect a series of objects and try to make something out of them as a symbolic act on the road to our new lives.
1- Collect the objects
2- Hang, balance or line up the objects in interesting ways and photograph the compositions on your phones.
3- Select the most successful composition and title it, then share with the group.
4- Rename each others works – giving the viewers perspective.
Materials – anything you feel might contribute and which you find or bring from domestic objects to natural forms (leaves etc) to reclaimed discards.

7:30pm: Dinner (not included) at our Riad

Dec. 3, Sunday
8-9am:  Coffee, tea/ juiceBreakfast at our riad Breakfast at our riad

*9-10am: Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown)

*10am-1pm: Tapping into the Power of Intuition (Jane Mcadam Freud): Using our cameras, honing in on color and the symbolism we’ll go on a symbolic journey in The Medina using images we discover along the way to form answers to issues in our lives. We’ll also discuss how this might be applied to working with clients.

1pm: Lunch in The Medina (not included)

Free time

5pm: Cultural excursion: Sunset Camel ride (included). We will head to the Palmeraie, a picturesque palm grove on the fringes of the city, for your scenic camel ride experience, be shown to your camel and learn how these hardy desert animals have been used for transport in Morocco for centuries thanks to their ability to travel long distances without water. Become a deset nomad and be transported back in time looking at our collective and personal histories and symbolism while riding through the desert land. We will be given traditional Morocoon desert robes. We will wear our Nomad dress with the shesh (turban) and climb into the saddle on the back of a camel and relax as we enjoy a ride through the verdant palms. We will stop to visit a berber house to discover the real life of local people, this is where we can enjoy a snack and mint tea with the family, after that we will take our camels and continue the ride. Take your camera out to snap some photos of the beautiful sunset as the sky changes colors through the trees (we will use our photos later for a depth experience, to identify archetypal dream images, symbols and themes.

8pm: Dinner on our own or with the group TBD

Dec. 4, Monday
8-9am:  Coffee, tea/ juiceBreakfast at our riad

*9-10am: Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown)

* 10-11am: Photo Therapy, “The eyes have it: Learn to see differently in Marakkech” seminar/ discussion ( Dr. Leslee Brown) the use of photographs in any form during psycho therapy. Photo Therapy is the use of photographs in any form during psycho therapy. With the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, taking photos has become ubiquitous. We will explore how smartphone photography can be leveraged to help individuals increase their positive affect. The camera can well be perceived as a third eye. In a way, this makes each and every camera a mirror of your mind and soul. That’s where psychology comes in, because the uniqueness of a photograph can evoke feelings, such as anxiety, fear, familiarity, comfort or reverence depending on the subject and object matter. Photography can have the effect of reflecting the soul and thoughts of the person photographing and photographed.

The eyes are the window to the soul and a picture is worth a thousand words. A photograph can tell about time and space and how things have evolved or remained the same. The experience of photography can be seen as an eye opener to less ignore the life we live in because photography helps us focus on what is going on around us by forcing and teaching us to see more attentively. photography taps into your heart. No matter how you look at it, psychology is one of the most intrical parts of photography.

*11am-12pm: Travel psychology (Dr. Leslee Brown)

12pm: outing to the souks ( included)

1:30 pm Lunch at the Souk (not included)

6:30pm Jemma el_Fnaa: adventure at the night market in Marakech

8:00pm: Dinner tba (not included)

Dec. 5, Tuesday
8-9am:  Coffee, tea/ juice

*7-8am: Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown)

*10-11am: The Alchemy of cooking: feeding the hungry soul, recipe for a healthy mind: culinary therapy lecture and discussion (Dr. Leslee Brown)

*11:30-12:30: Lecture / discussion wellness and wellbeing for psychotherapists and professionals ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

12:30 Lunch at our riad (not included)

7pm: evening  and dinner at our Riad (not included)
*8-10pm: Psycho- astrology under the stars (David Martin, MA) 
The exciting and powerful union of Astrology and Psychology (Astropsychology) can be healing, exciting and contemplative. We will also personalize the information to the group with both didactic and experiential learning modalities, including the Arabic history of astrology and astronomy to keep it relevant to our surroundings in Morocco. Note: you will need your birth time place and other info for your personalized chart!

Dec. 6, Wednesday
7-8am: Coffee, Tea and/or juice

*8-9am: Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown)

9:30am- 4:30pm: The Alchemy of cooking: feeding the hungry soul, recipe for a healthy mind: culinary therapy
Lunch (included)
We will welcome you to a farm with a traditional mint tea, coffee or a cool drink. Cooking is alchemical it feeds more than the body. We will experience this delightful day of community and learn the practical skills. We will put culinary therapy to action!

learning  the secrets and history of Moroccan spices and the alchemy of cooking in the Moroccan tradition, you will make the meal by yourself under the leadership of our professional cook Nezha. We provide you with instruction on selection and alchemy and therapeutic qualities of cooking, preparing food and sharing a meal to nurture the soul. You then enjoy your meal on the farm terrace, surrounded by lemon, orange and olive trees under the sun!

According to archaeological research conducted in the Middle East, the first spice used in ancient times was the caraway. Its use dates back to 3000 BC. Historically, the existence of spices that is mentioned from Herodotus, circa 500 BC. The early Greek texts do not mention that cinnamon and its cousin the “break” also known as cassia. And they seem to ignore all the other spices used in the East. And yet we know that Babylon is already cultivated cardamom. Following cinnamon, pepper spice is the second documented in the Mediterranean world. It was not until the early decades of the Christian era to be identified ginger, cloves, nutmeg, mace, and sugar. Until the Middle Ages, spices, mysterious substances come from who knows where, were allegedly from paradise.

From the beginning, the use of spice is, both, culinary and therapeutic. In Egypt, Persia, and in the Greek and Roman world, the flavor, and it heals with caraway, cumin, saffron, sumac, fennel, mustard, asafoetida, as well the mysterious silphium which is still unknown nature but also with the botanical gin and aniseed, sesame and dill. Even more than in the West, this dual-use is obviously shared by the Far East, homeland of the ancient spice, China and India in particular. In addition to the varieties mentioned above, turmeric, cardamom, pepper Szetchuan, star anise and galangal admitted the double prescription.

5-8pm: Moroccon rituals: healing body, mind and soul at The Hammam (included)

8:30pm Light supper tba (not Included)

Dec. 7, Thursday

7-8am: Coffee, Tea and/or juice, Breakfast at our riad (included)

*8-9am: Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown)

  The soul and the camera: “The eyes have it: Learn to see differently in Marakkech”
 Learn to see differently. Through the lens of your camera, we will immerse and take this fascinating and beautiful escape into the ancient world of Marrakech’s alleyways, ancient historic neighborhoods, and local crafts people.We will take our time and follow the rhythm of our eyes to explore the Medina and its people as they go about their daily lives in a manner that has not changed for centuries.

7:30pm: Dinner tba (not included)

Dec. 8, Friday
7am: Breakfast at our riad (included)

8am: Cultural excursion all day (included): Travel off the beaten track to discover an altogether different pace of life in Morocco on this Berber trails  drive tour from Marrakech. Follow ancient Berber trails across the Atlas mountains with your guide. Soak up stunning views of rural Morocco’s sweeping valleys and high mountain peaks. Travel through the Ourika, Asni, Imlil and Tahannaout valleys to traditional mountain villages far from bustling Marrakech. Share a hot cup of mint tea with friendly locals in the village of Tahanaout, and enjoy a traditional Berber lunch. Soak in the scenery and the ancient places and rituals.
Lunch (Included)

8pm Group farewell dinner (included)

Dec. 9, Saturday
Breakfast at our riad

(activities marked with * will be counted towards CE Credits)

What you will gain

In this training, participants will learn therapeutic skills, contemplative practices and mindfulness tools to incorporate into their personal and professional lives to work with emotions and help clients to greater awareness.
•   Discuss tools to integrate contemplative insights and methods into clinical practice and self care
•   Develop and practice leading meditations, group check-in process, and didactic experiences
•   Describe the profound psycho-spiritual implications for utilizing contemplative psychology in everyday life as a tool for insight, behavioral change, and happiness
•   Create a step-by-step experience integrating mindfulness and meditation, and its applications in clinical psychotherapy.
•   Plan how to integrate contemplative psychology and meditation practice into contemporary psychotherapy
•   Apply contemplative practice in a clinical  and personal context
•   Develop your own contemplative practice for self care
•   Develop tools to help both the therapist and their clients  access the subconscious through creative processes such as conscious writing and art therapy Design a meditation to fit their clients and practice

CE Credits

Educational credits 27.5
Mind Body Passport is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Mind Body Passport maintains responsibility for this program and its content. CE credit is given for seminars only marked with *



Kimberly Roberts, MA
Kim is both a psychotherapist and a leader of contemplative practices world wide and has taught and led retreats around the globe for over 20 years. After practicing psychotherapy in a traditional setting, Kim found western methods limiting and began incorporating eastern philosophies into her teaching and practice. Kim has collaborated and faciliatated with Mind Body Passport in Thailand for several years and is currently leading contemplative retreats in Crestone Colorado.She is the author of Ashtanga Yoga For Beginner’s Mind.


Dr. Leslee Brown, PhD
Dr. Brown is President and Director of Mind Body Passport Inc. designing and leading international study trips worldwide. Study Abroad for Adults!!   Dr. Brown leads professionals through out the world on once in a lifetime transformative experiences. She also served as The Director of International seminars and Gastprofessor at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. International psychology and developing “psychologists without borders” has become her focus. Dr. Brown was  in private practice for over twenty years, has been a research psychologist for The Neurologic Institute and has served on faculty at UCLA Medical School teaching psychology and rapport building techniques to medical students. Dr. Brown was assistant professor at The Chicago School and Director of Centers for International Studies and was faculty and director of international seminars at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. Dr. brown has practiced and led retreats on contemplative practice and many other topics. She is passionate about the healing qualities of travel and taking one out of their comfort zone. 

Juliette Whelpton, MA
Juliette will be leading us in two afternoon workshops of “Soul art”. She is a registered counsellor and qualified research consultant (MA psychology), and the founder of Healing Hooves where she practices from a holistic and natural approach to healing, emphasizing the necessity of looking at the whole person- body, mind, emotions and environment. She started her career as a functional member at the South African Police Service (SAPS) and later as a counselor at the Police’s Psychological and Career Management Services. During this time, she supported not only the traumatized victims of crime, but also the members of the police suffering from PTSD, burnout and other psychological trauma.
After she left the SAPS, holding the rank of Lt Col, she specialized as a soul art guide and equine assistant counselor. This provided her the opportunity to combine her passions in life: helping people and working with art and horses by combining nature, equestrian, psychology, mythology, art and personal insight in the wellness process. She also published a series of novels for children, with the theme of horse-human relationships.

The Organizer

Dr. Leslee Brown is the founder of Mind Body Passport Inc., providing extraordinary international learning experiences and continuing education for professionals. Dr. Brown has been running customized training courses with the Tavistock Centre London for a number of years. She will lead the group on cultural excursions and discussions of the material presented and is the primary liaison and organizer with the Tavistock Centre London. Dr. Brown has more than 20 years’ experience as a psychologist in private practice. She is a graduate level professor at Sigmund Freud University campuses in Vienna and Paris. Dr. Brown is the founder and director of Mind Body Passport Inc. and has led numerous international travel courses. Dr. Brown  has lived, worked and studied throughout Europe for many years. She resides part time in Los Angeles, part time Paris and the rest of the time in the rest of the world.


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