Free Applied Jungian Archetypes Guide

Free Applied Jungian Archetypes Guide

A Free Jungian Archetypes guide on the key archetypes from Jung's lexicon. Persona, Ego, Shadow, Projection, Anima, Animus and Self.


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At the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, our purpose is to reach out to everyone who has a desire to understand themselves and others better, and to improve their relationship with the world around them. The tools of applied psychodynamics generally, and Jungian psychology specifically, provide a powerful and liberating way to do just that. Our goal is to offer you access to these tools so that you can embark on a path to greater consciousness, meaning and individuation.

This Guide will introduce you to some of the key Jungian Archetypes that affect you and live through you. We also share with you three powerful applications that will increase your self-knowledge and give you access to hidden aspects of your psyche.

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