Existential Summit May 2018 in Israel

Existential Summit May 2018 in Israel

April 29- May 8, 2018

The Existential Summit 2018, is a journey into existential analysis, logo- therapy and much more.

This year we will journey to Israel, Palestine and *Egypt; the seat of meaning for the worlds religions on a quest for meaning.

25 CE hours

Open to all who is interested in Existential Analysis and the search for meaning.

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With visit to Palestine and one week Egypt add on.

We will stay within the ancient city walls and venture to unique locations and experiences not offered on typical tourist routes, exploring meaning within psycho therapeutic, cultural, religious and political contexts. A rare opportunity to spend the week  in this unique ancient and historic setting with like minded participants from around the world.

This wonderful experiential journey will also take us on adventurous cultural excursions and group get togethers to further immerse you in the culture, people, meaning and life in Israel and Palestine with a special week long add on to *Egypt.

A central question in human life is the question of meaning: Why do I live – what is the meaning of my life? How do I find my meaning? The question of meaning pervades our everyday liiving as well as the great questions of life like: relationships, work and being alive in the world.  The question of meaning is  also often connected with religion and belief, but it has an original psychological component which should be known by psychologists, psychotherapists and mental health professionals to be able to help people in their search for meaning.

The seminars offer theoretical reflections, practical work and understanding of meaning in its different connections and contexts.

The contents and procedures practiced can be applied in counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and  for self.

Procedure: presentations, discussions, small group work, self-reflection, exercises and of course self exploration in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Jerusalem.

Meaning is probably the greatest theme of our existence.  Leading a meaningful life means doing what one has sensed and recognized as being valuable. Although it is common to all of us, it is not easy – and today it may be more difficult than ever to define. Existential Analysis can be defined as a phenomenological and person- oriented psychotherapy, with the aim of guiding a person to experience freely (mentally and emotionally), to make authentic decisions and to discover a truly responsible way of dealing with life and the world.

Existential Analysis and Logo Therapy can be applied in cases of psychosocial, psychosomatic and psychologically caused disorders in experience and behaviour. The psychotherapeutic process utilizes a phenomenological analysis of emotions, the centre of experience. Biographical work and empathic listening by the therapist contribute to an improvement in emotional understanding and accessibility.

Logotherapy is a method of counselling that focuses on the quest for meaning. We are motivated by the question of existential meaning: I am here – for what purpose? What is here today to make my life part of a meaningful whole? – What do I live for?  The main theme of Existential Analysis is interaction (“dialogue”). Existential Analysis then groups interaction around the four existential challenges: world, life, self, meaning and future . ( Alfried Langle)

Who is this course for?

World and life learners, psychotherapists, mental health professionals and those with an interest in searching for the meaning of life.

Join us with internationally acclaimed Dr. Alfried Langle, for our annual Existential Summit which is being held in the ancient , historical and biblical Israel, Palestine and Egypt.

Our journey includes seminars with world renowned Dr. Alfried Langle, and two scholars in residence who will be with us following the footsteps of the ancients all the while seeking wisdom and meaning in the holy land.

Our visit to Israel will be more than a typical tourist encounter with a foreign people, culture, and place.

The Existential Summit provides participants from around the world a unique opportunity to come together and discuss the existential theme of meaning.


April 29 Sunday

Arrivals to Jerusalem, meet-and-greet, introductions to the group, Review goals for the overall study abroad Explore historic and cultural Jerusalem.

6 p.m  classical music concert at Brigham Young University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem and Group cultural dinner (included)

April 30 Monday

8 a. m. Breakfast (included)

9 a. m.  cultural and historical tour of ancient and medieval Jerusalem including the City of David national park / Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the Western Wall and the Western Wall tunnel, the Temple Mount / Haram ash-Sharif. (included)

1 p. m. Lunch at Abu Shuqri hummussiyya. (included).

2 p. m. Armenian monks chanting at the Basilica of St. James.(Included)

4 p.m. Free time

May 1 Tuesday

7 a. m. Breakfast (included)

8 a.m.-12 p.m. existential summit (included) ( Dr. Alfried Langle) : Theoretical basis, Why do we search for meaning?

The question and search for meaning arises in different life-situations in particular after severe losses. What are the typical life situations in which we have to grapple with a loss of meaning? What do we personally know? Why does this happen?

12-1 p.m.   Lunch

1-3 p.m.  existential summit (included)( Dr. Alfried Langle): The existential turn as a prerequisite for finding meaning

Meaning is a question which concerns the whole existence – it encompasses past, present and future. The search for meaning is therefore challenging the whole person – What does this look like? How can we cope with this challenge? What is the appropriate attitude to cope with it?

3:00 p. m. Visit the Burnt House and the Temple Institute to learn of the destruction of Herod’s Second Temple in the year 70 C.E., and plans for the future construction of the Third Temple. (included)

5 p. m. A visit to Hajj Ibrahim Abu el-Hawa who is a Palestinian peace activist. We will be guests to his home on the Mount of Olives. (Included)

7 p. m.  Free time

May 2 Wednesday

7 a. m. Breakfast (included)

8 a.m.-12 p.m.  existential summit (included) ( Alfried Langle) : The existential and the ontological meaning – how psychology, philosophy and religion converge.

Meaning has different aspects which have to be taken into consideration. A clear distinction of the aspects of meaning are necessary for being able to work with this question, both personally and professionally. These reflections on meaning bring ashore the connections of meaning with different areas of existence. The link between them will be shown.

12-1 p.m. Lunch.

1-3 p.m.  existential summit (included)

3:00 p.m. Cultural experience:  Participate in the Temple Mount Sifting Project. (included)

LaG b’Omer bonfire / BBQ (included)

May 3 Thursday

7 a. m. Breakfast (included)

8-12 p.m. existential summit (included) Practice Method, The biographical meaning finding method ,Method of meaning,

horizon method. The general meaning finding method.

The  practical methods of finding meaning will be explained – what are the concrete steps to come closer to find meaning in personal life – and in professional support.

12-1 p.m. Lunch.

1-3 p.m.  existential summit (included)

3:00 p.m visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum  (included)

6 p. m. Free time

May 4 Friday

7 a. m. Breakfast (included)

8 a. m.- 12:00 p. m. existential summit (included) The Test based on the meaning finding method will be presented: the Existence Scale (ESK). Demonstration, the practical application of finding meaning. The time will be devoted to show practical work in finding meaning.

Workshop:Difficulties in finding meaning.

How to work with meaning? How to see and work on the obstacles in finding meaning?

12 p.m.  Lunch

1-4 p. m. existential summit (included)

4 p.m. Cultural experience walking tour along the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, afternoon drinks on the roof of Notre Dame de Jerusalem, welcoming the Sabbath at the Western Wall.

8 p. m. Shabbat dinner with Shimon Apisdorf, at his home in Jerusalem  (included)

May 5 Saturday

8 a. m. Breakfast (included)

11 a. m. – 3p. m. Cultural and spiritual tour: Meaning behind the scenes walking tour of Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox Quarter Meah Shearim, “Seventy Years Later: Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of the Return of the Jewish People to the Jewish Homeland.”  “everything you ever wanted to ask an orthodox Jew” free-flowing discussion time while we are walking. Shimon Apisdorf (included)

3 p. m. Cultural and historical tour of Bethlehem including graffiti protest artist Bansky’s new Walled Off Hotel as well as some of his famous works, the Aida Refugee Camp run by UNWRA, the Church of the Nativity and the nearby Milk Grotto, Herodian national park (King Herod’s extraordinary desert palace and mausoleum). (included)

8 p. m.Dinner at Kaabar chicken Grill restaurant, Beit Jala (included)

May 6 Sunday

8 a. m. Breakfast (included)

9 a. m. Cultural tour day: Ride camels ar the Sea Level Marker en route to the Dead Sea, visit at Ein Bokek, Hisham’s Palace, Jericho. (included)

8 p. m. Farewell dinner (included)

May 7 Monday

8a. m. Breakfast (included)

* optional for those who have evening flights: oasis of ‘Ain Mabua in Wadi Qelt, ” The Oasis Of Prophets” where Israelis and Palestinians hang out together without politics.

Departures for those who are going back home

5 p. m. *Departures to Egypt for those who are staying for the week add on   Egypt (Sinai Penninsula) add on itinerary 7.5 CE credits

Includes: lodging at Rock Sea Camp, all breakfasts, visa and entry to Egypt, transportation to and from Egypt, excursion and  sunrise hike to Santa Katarina and Mount SInai, social dreaming seminar and group.

We depart by bus to the Rock sea camp, http://www.rocksea.net/

Rock sea camp will be our home base for an extraordinary experience and adventure. The scenery, setting and peace of this journey is what will make this a fascinating journey including rest and relaxation hiking and a breathtaking biblical experience at Mount Sinai and the location of the parting of the Red Sea will become an unforgettable experience.

Accommodations are beautiful yet rustic thatched huts built into the mountainside and on the Red Sea.

Located between the gigantic continents of Africa and Asia, the Sinai Peninsula can be compared to an immense triangular wedge. Circumscribed from three sides: in the West by the Suez Canal, in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the North-East by the Israeli border.

“Wild scenery and the Red Sea form an impressive scenery of dramatic contrasts.”

9:30 p. m. Arrival in Egypt, get settled.

May 8 Tuesday

9 a. m. Breakfast (included)

10 a. m. Social dreaming ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

11:30 a. m. Free time/ beach time

12:30 p. m. Walk to town, explore

1:30 p. m. Lunch in town

Free time

May 9 Wednesday

9 a. m. Breakfast (included)

10 a. m. Social dreaming ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

11 a. m. Free time or optional snorkeling/ boat ride. The Red Sea with its beautiful coral reefs and the diversity of fish called “the garden of The Red Sea”. It is possible to swim and dive right in front of our hotel.

May 10 Thursday

Breakfast (included)

Sunrise hike to Santa Katarina and Mount Sinai. St. Catherine is a village in the heart of South Sinai. It’s famous for the Saint Catherine’s Monastery, which lies on the foot of Gabal Katrina and rises up to 2637 m. Founded in the 4th century by hermits; the arrangement was extended constantly during the following centuries.

The monastery is in the possession of some of the most important biblical manuscripts of the world. Particularly the climbing of the enclosed Mount Moses for sunrise or sunset is a unique experience. The monastery can be reached from our camp by taxi or car and Bedouin guides will lead you up to Mount Moses. (included)

Social dreaming on Mount Sinai (Dr. Leslee Brown) (included)

Free time

May 11 Friday

9 a. m. Breakfast (included)

10 a. m. Social dreaming ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

11 a. m.

*Optional visit to Dahab. The former Bedouin village lies approx. an hour drive away from on the east coast of Sinai. Many small restaurants and souvenir shops line up on the beach promenade. Dahab is famous for its windy weather and is a popular windsurf-, kitesurf- an freedivespot. Several diving centers are located in Dahab. One of Dahab’s biggest attractions is the Blue Hole, a gigantic hole in the reef surrounded by corals.

May 12 Saturday

9 a. m. Breakfast (included)

10 a. m. Social dreaming ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

11 a. m. *Optional Desert trip by camel or by jeep are a must for everyone who would like to experience the special atmosphere and impressive surrounding.

May 13 Sunday

9 a. m. Breakfast (included)

10 a. m. Social dreaming ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

11 a. m. *Optional visit to visit to Nuweiba (10min. drive) and Dahab (1h drive) for shopping tours.

May 14 Monday

9 a. m. Breakfast (included)

10 a. m. Social dreaming ( Dr. Leslee Brown)

12 p. m. Departures back to Israel

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of program director.


Alfried Langle, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c.mult

Alfried Langle, is professor of psychotherapy, born in 1951 in Austria, studied medicine and psychology and works in private practice in Vienna as psychotherapist. Close collaboration with Viktor Frankl from 1983 to 1991. Founder of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna) and its psychotherapeutic training program. Constant lecturer at Austrian Universities and since 2000 of Moscow, Mendoza, Santiago de Chile. Since 2004 faculty member and professor of applied psychology (psychotherapy) at Moscow’s HSE-university and guest professor at Vienna’s Sigmund Freud university (2011). Vice President of the International Federation of Psychotherapy (IFP – 2002-2010) and President of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Vienna. Over 300 publications, five honorary professorships. (www.laengle.info).

Shimon Apisdorf

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf  is the award-winning author of numerous books that have been read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He is able to extract the essence of classical Jewish wisdom and meaning and show how it can be relevant to the essential issues facing the mind, heart and soul in today’s world. His writings speak poignantly, with rare sensitivity and with humor to people of all backgrounds. His writing can be found at: www.shimonapisdorf.com. Whether it’s the conflict in Israel, a Jewish holiday, developing a deep spiritual dimension to one’s life or the jewish understanding of what life is all about, Shimon is a rare voice in the  world today. He has an uncanny ability to take the world of Jewish wisdom, spirituality, tradition and life and make it accessible and meaningful to people with little or no prior background in Judaism or jewish topics. In addition to his books, and blog posts, Shimon gives regular live and interactive presentations.

Gil Zohar

Gil Zohar is a Journalist, photographer, sculptur and certified Israel tour guide. Gil combines his fields and expertise in compelling tours of history and stories to experience real life distant from tourist traps and luxury hotels. Gil brings people to unique places,  and conversations, talking to settlers and Palestinians, and meeting scientists, artists and people behind the news.

What you will gain

  • Define and discuss the existential and the ontology of meaning  and how psychology, philosophy and religion converge  in existential analysis and logo therapy.
  • Discuss existential analysis and logo therapy concepts and the theory of why we search for meaning.
  • Discuss the life situations in which we grapple with the loss of meaning.
  • Apply existential analysis and logo therapy theory and practice using case examples in working with “meaning”.
  • Define The Existential “Turn”/ crisis and why we search for meaning in the context of existential analysis and logo therapy.
  • Differentiate a clear distinction of the aspects of meaning necessary for being able to work with this question, both personally and professionally and the connections of meaning with different areas of existence.
  • Discuss “The biographical meaning finding method”, “Method of meaning horizon” and “The general meaning finding method”.
  • Apply and describe the practical methods of finding meaning and the concrete steps to come closer to finding meaning in personal life – and in professional support.
  • Describe the The Test based on the meaning finding method : the Existence Scale (ESK).
  • Apply “The practical application of finding meaning”.
  • Discuss the difficulties in finding and working psycho therapeutically with meaning and how to specicifically work with meaning and the obstacles of finding meaning.
  • Discuss What the existential quest for meaning and crisis look like, how can we cope with this challenge and what is the appropriate attitude to cope with the challenge of finding meaning?

CE Credits

25 CE credits

Mind Body Passport is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Mind Body Passport maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Mind Body Passport Inc. is also recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion.

CE credits not given for excursions, outside activities

Certificate awarded upon successful completion.

The Organizer

Dr. Leslee Brown is the founder of Mind Body Passport Inc., providing extraordinary international learning experiences and continuing education for professionals. Dr. Brown has been running customized training courses in Zurich, Vienna, London, Argentinia,South Africa and more for a number of years. Dr. Brown has more than 20 years’ experience as a psychologist in private practice. She is a graduate level professor at Sigmund Freud University campuses in Vienna and Paris. Dr. Brown is the founder and director of Mind Body Passport Inc. and has led numerous international travel courses. Dr. Brown  has lived, worked and studied throughout Europe for many years. She resides part time in Los Angeles, part time Paris and the rest of the time in the rest of the world.


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