Jungian Compendium: Volume 1

Jungian Compendium: Volume 1

Our Jungian Compendium consists of a synopsis of eight key books on Jungian Psychology and is published by The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies.

Primary Texts: Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious by C.G. Jung; Answer to Job by C.G. Jung; The Undiscovered Self by C.G. Jung

Secondary Texts: Complex/Archetype/Symbol by Jolande Jacobi; Ego and Archetype by Edward. F. Edinger

Imaginal Psychology: A Blue Fire by James Hillman

Applied Jungian Psychology: Boundaries of the Soul by June Singer; The Middle Passage by James Hollis


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We are very pleased to be able to offer you this Free Compendium, Volume 1, in our series of essential Jungian texts. This is part of our ongoing initiative to disseminate Applied Jungian Psychology as widely as possible and to democratise access to Jungian theory beyond its traditional confines and structures. These synopses offer the reader an insight and overview of each book’s essence and structure. They are designed to allow accelerated learning through presenting in each synopsis the crux of the books message. At the end of each synopsis you will find a link to purchase the complete book from Amazon. In the spirit of full disclosure, although this compendium is offered completely free of charge, the links to the purchase of the books are affiliate links. The synopses in this volume were written by Dr Shane Eynon the current curator and facilitator of the Jungian Book Club and Lynelle Pieterse, former member of The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies facilitation team and curator of the Jungian Book Club.

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