Citrinitas: Understanding the nature of relationships

Citrinitas: Understanding the nature of relationships

Anima, Animus, Transference and Countertransference explored.

12 Week Online Course. 

Course will start 4th of September 2017. Registration now closed.

The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is offering a focused, online, twelve week course on the practical application of the psychodynamic concepts: Transference, Countertransference, Anima (Eros) and Animus (Logos). The basis and central themes that govern our relatedness to others and the world.

Why do we struggle in relationships?

This twelve week online course will focus on how you relate to others and how they relate to you. To help you uncover the dynamics that govern your relationships we will explore your unconscious imprints and archetypal patterns through exploring your transference and countertransference onto others, and your relationship to the world and yourself from the Anima and Animus perspective.

Transference is a projection of a relationship dynamic that you as an individual unconsciously hold, onto another person. Usually this relationship dynamic mirrors the one you have with one of your parents. So you unconsciously project your relationship dynamic with either your mother or your father, or a combination of both, onto others. In therapy this occurs spontaneously, but it is also prevalent in our normal day to day relationships with lovers, friends, colleagues, those in positions of authority and others.

Where it becomes really interesting is that when you transfer onto someone, they adopt the behavior of the person that your transference mimics. So in other words, if you are transferring onto the other person your relationship dynamic with your mom, that other person will relate back to you as if they are your mom – with the same dynamic. This is called counter-transference.

This explains why you sometimes get the same type of response from people that you meet again and again. Or you have the same pattern repeating itself in your romantic relationships. Or at work, with colleagues or your boss.

Navigating relationships are not easy. Often when we find ourselves in the same pattern with romantic partners, we consciously decide to behave in another way, or try to date someone totally different to the last person, but somehow you always end up with the same outcome. Or you are sure that people are just generally selfish, or dismissive, or belittling, or nasty, or emotionally unavailable, etc. The truth is that YOU are getting this result again and again. The question is WHY? 

In this course we will explore this phenomenon in detail and help you uncover your relationship dynamics so that you can address it and heal it.

We will also explore the archetypal imprints of the Anima and Animus which define how you relate to your inner world and the external world. These concepts from Jungian Psychology will help you understand why you are struggling in certain areas of your life to be effective in communication and expressing yourself. As well as uncovering any dysfunctional aspects of your relatedness to yourself and others.

The four key areas this course focuses on:

  1. Transference: how you experience and (unconsciously) relate to others
  2. Countertransference:  how others experience and (unconsciously) relate to you
  3. Anima: the inner feeling life
  4. Animus: the outer thinking life

Bring into consciousness the unconscious drives that influence and affect your relatedness to others, yourself and the world at large.

How does this course work?

Citrinitas is an online programme, runs over twelve weeks, starting on the 4th of September 2017. The course includes both elements of working through the material on your own, as well as interacting with others on the course and having access to the course facilitators.  At the beginning of each second week you will receive the weeks material, as both a podcast and transcript, focusing on one of the five respective elements we will be covering on the course. Group work will happen on a private, shared and facilitated Facebook forum.

NB! This course is designed as a self-study programme. There will be two live webinars during this course. All material is delivered via email to download onto your PC or tablet and consists of a podcast and PDF reading material.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to:

  • understand why your relationships are not what you expect
  • want to break negative relatedness dynamics
  • explore what drives your relationship reactions
  • have insight as to why you attract certain people in your life
  • heal dysfunctional relationship dynamics
  • be given tools with which to relate to yourself and others more constructively
  • explore the Anima from a functional and dysfunctional perspective
  • explore the Animus from a functional and dysfunctional perspective
  • understand and come to terms with the archetypal relationship dynamic that lives within you

Registrations and Bookings

Citrinitas will start on the 4th of September 2017 and run for twelve weeks. Registration is now closed.

For any queries, please email Anja by clicking on this link.


I’m grateful for this course being available online, so that I can access it wherever I am and whenever I am available. I am grateful that I sat with archetypes long enough to uncover the pervasive influence of the archetypal will to pleasure in my family, and in me. Wow. I never knew that was there. I am grateful that this work brought it into my awareness. I am grateful that since shining light on this I’ve been able to make different behavioural choices. My head feels clearer.  Where I stumble, there lies my treasure.


I will offer my gratitude here, as well, for this course, Anja and Stephen – the materials, lectures and applications were so well put together, and your responses to questions asked by participants so illuminating. And of course I am grateful for all that shared here, as it was thought provoking process all around. My tool/medicine kit for living fully has been profoundly enriched.  I am also particularly appreciative of the materials covered and applications, as they reflect a solid grounding in this approach to well-being and authenticity. They require much energy, and sometimes patience, but were presented in a way that I find very usuable/ accessible. I have added to my resource kit for living fully, and I am quite grateful for those able to share over this course’s forum, as I learned much from that openness.


A huge thank you again to Anja and Stephen , the course has been intense but the rewards are great and deep and will reverberate for a long time.


I have really enjoyed the material and process that went with it. I will return again to a lot of the material, and processes, that have had a really good impact on my life, and my perspectives. Thank you for what is a really wonderful and beautifully appropriate programme to look deep in the mirror and see with different eyes. I have recommended to quite a few who I see are now also starting or recently started.


The reason I choose to take this course was to introduce myself to Jung (concept, not the man) and Jungian psychology. I have very much enjoyed this course and I have gained some more understanding of Jungian psychology and it’s philosophy. The anima and animus part had a significant impact on me and my cogwheels have start turning. This is a great tool for individuation.


Thank you Stephen and thank you Anja! It’s been a humbling, revealing time for me-but most of all, it has been an empowering experience. So much has been explained and answered for me. I am so deeply grateful that I decide to do this course. It spoke to me loudly and clearly. This course has shown me the root of so many issues I have been grappling. It has taken me into the eye of the storm and shown me facets of myself that I did not know existed – but that I very much experienced in my everyday life. I am unable to articulate all that has transpired in my life, all that has been and is being transformed. You have changed my Life.


I have gained incredible insight through these past few weeks. The course and group discussions have enriched my life tremendously. The side lectures and readings we have all been doing added to the learning and transformation process. Deeply grateful!


Thank you for this course. I feel I have once again awakened to The Transformation. You are to be commended for the depth and divergence brought to bear in such a concise and succinct way.


I am grateful to have had this experience as it has opened my eyes to many of the roadblocks I have constructed for myself during my life and how I may change them going forward. I thank each and every one of you for this experience and wish everyone the very best in their journey. I hope to meet everyone on a dream beach, sipping your choice of liquid refreshment, and discussing the whys and why nots of life. Until we meet again! May love light our way.