The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is offering a focused, online, twelve week course on the practical application of the psychodynamic concepts: Anima (Eros) & Animus (Logos), the basis of and lens through which we relate to ourselves, others and the world, and Transference & Countertransference the constellation and experience of the unconscious dynamic in our relationships.


Course Duration: 12 weeks

Course Start Date: 14 September 2020

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This twelve week course will focus on:

Jung’s Fours Steps of Transformation

Transference and Counter-transference (parts 1 & 2)

Anima & Animus (Classic and Contemporary)

Love is an elastic concept that stretches from heaven to hell.
(Carl Gustav Jung)


The twelve week online course focuses on how you relate to yourself and others, and how others relate to you. To help you uncover the dynamics that govern your relationships we  identify your unconscious motivations and archetypal imprints through exploring your transference and counter-transference onto others, and your relationship to the world and yourself from the archetypes of the Anima (Eros)  and Animus (Logos).

Transference is a projection of a relationship dynamic that you as an individual unconsciously hold, onto another person. Usually this relationship dynamic mirrors the one you have with one of your parents. Unconsciously you project your relationship dynamic with either your mother or your father, or a combination of both, onto others. In therapy this occurs spontaneously, but it is also prevalent in our normal day to day relationships with lovers, friends, colleagues, those in positions of authority and others.

Where it becomes really “interesting” is when you transfer onto someone, they typically start acting out and adopting the behavior you have unconsciously transferred onto them. In other words, if you are transferring onto the other person your relationship dynamic with your mother (for example), that person may relate back to you as though they were your mother – with the same relational dynamic! This is called counter-transference.

This explains why oftentimes you get the same type of response from different people and have the same pattern repeating itself in your romantic relationships, professional life or with friends and family.

Navigating relationships is not easy. We often find ourselves in the same pattern with romantic partners as we had in previous relationships. We may consciously decide to behave differently or try to meet someone totally different, but somehow end up with the same outcome. Are people just generally selfish, dismissive, belittling, nasty or emotionally unavailable and so on?

The truth is that YOU are getting this result again and again. The question is, WHY?

As a metaphysical concept, the transference-countertransference phenomenon has been used as a way to conceptualize the human tendency to personalize any relationship, even one to transpersonal realities… No human relationship can avoid the impact of the human unconscious, whether it is deemed a positive or negative contribution.
A. B. Ulanov

This course will explore this phenomenon in detail. To help you identify, understand and ultimately heal dysfunctional or simply less-than-ideal relational dynamics.

We will also investigate the archetypal imprints of the Anima and Animus which determine how you relate to your inner world and the external world. These concepts from Jungian Psychology will help you understand why you may struggle to be effective in your communication or self-expression. Uncover and understand where your psyche is sabotaging your relatedness to yourself and others. Re-imagine an identity in which these issues are integrated and accommodated and no longer sabotage you and your relationships.

The contrasexual archetypes galvanize the deepest issue of individuation – that process of differentiating out of unconsciousness one’s individual personality in relation to other persons. Mess or grand experience, connection or disruption, a relation of love or one of hostility – our sexual life is a constant drama in which the contrasexual archetypes [i.e anima and animus] play a major role. These are the archetypes that open onto the Self on the individuation journey.




Jung’s four step model of transformation


How you experience and (unconsciously) relate to others


How others experience and (unconsciously) relate to you


The inner feeling life, the life of the soul.


The outer thinking life, the life of the mind.


This is the stage of relatedness dynamics. Whether it is repeating patterns, constant opposition, or dissatisfaction in your relationships, this stage will address, uncover and offer solutions for dysfunctional relationship dynamics.

The structure of the course is:

  1. Jung’s Four Steps of Transformation
  2. Transference and coutertransference (part 1)
  3. Transference and  countertransference (part 2)
  4.  The Anima and Animus (classic model)
  5.  The Anima and Animus (contemporary model)

Bring into consciousness the unconscious drives that influence and affect your relatedness to others, yourself and the world at large.. Making these conscious and acquiring the tools, method and practice of ongoing dialogue with the unconscious psyche:

  • Releases the chokehold the unconscious has on the conscious ego has by default,

  • Allows the subject to become a collaborator and co-architect with the unconscious psyche;

  • Deconstructs the provisional self, allowing the authentic or essential self to emerge;

  • And is a critical step in the individuation process.


The course is a facilitated, self-study, online programme that is supported by mentors and a community on a private Facebook Forum. The group is managed by two facilitators who are available to answer questions and provide guidance.
Citrinitas consists of five modules. Each module is explored over a week to two week period. The learning material is delivered to your email in the form of a link to a podcast and a transcript.

The link and transcript are also posted on the private Facebook group. There are discussions on the Facebook Forum on each topic as well as guidance on the applications and exercises.
The focus of the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies is on the application of these psychodynamic concepts. It is through reflection and personal application that these ideas are made conscious and transmutation is achieved.



* Understand why your relationships are never quite what you expect.

* Change negative relationship dynamics.

* Explore into what drives your relationship reactions.

* Gain insight into why you attract certain people in your life.

* Heal dysfunctional relationship patterns.

* Relate to yourself and others more constructively and meaningful fashion.

* Understand explore the role of the Anima in your psychology.

* Understand and explore the role of the Animus in your psychology.

* Identify archetypal relationship imprints that are constellated in your psyche and life.


* A pre and post course questionnaire to help you gauge your progress on the course.

* Citrinitas consists of five modules: you will receive a podcast and a transcript, containing the lecture and applications for each module.

* A comprehensive practical and applied lecture on each of the concepts covered.

* Facilitators who will answer your questions and offer guidance.

* Applications and exercises for each module with which to integrate the concepts and apply them to your own life and psyche.

* A list of additional reading material and YouTube videos for each concept covered in the programme.

* Access to an international student body and facilitation team hosted on a private Facebook group page for the duration of the programme.


The goal of this course is to develop an understanding of your own psychic processing with a focus on:

  • understanding how the unconscious dynamics affect your relationships
  • becoming conscious of and managing the illusions of the Anima
  • becoming conscious of and managing the prejudices of the Animus

Join this course and learn the skills and tools for ongoing personal transformation.

Citrinitas will guide you to uncover the hidden projections which create the relationship dynamics that you experience.

The course will guide you and empower you to shift the dysfunctional relationship dynamics that you have with both yourself and the world/others.


COURSE STARTS MONDAY 13 September 2021

Registration now closed.

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U$350 once off.


payment plan

U$130 per month for three months.


I want to express my gratitude for this course and also (again) for the Magnum Opus as a whole. It can be hard to determine cause and effect, but I feel like after almost a year of delving into my own psyche, the fruits of my work are really starting to bloom. After years of unclarity in the relationship-area, I find myself in (the still early stages of) a beautiful committed relationship that has taken form exactly as it fits me, even though it is somewhat different from how I though it ‘had to be’. Next to that, it seems I am slowly moving into other areas of work. Professionally speaking, opportunity is knocking and I hope this seed will take root over the coming months.Also, after years of floating about somewhat, I find myself in the midst of a beautiful community full of caring people that share so much values that I highly ascribe to. I feel nourished and held on a daily basis. And last but not least, I think I have never felt this whole and connected inside, on a daily basis in stead of just momentary. It really feels like all the parts I identified as complete dark chaos in Nigredo, have finally come together to unite in holy union. There is some bickering there still, but the capacity to meet the inner turmoil with conscious choice has vastly increased. Thank you so so much Stephen Anthony Farah, Tasha Tollman and Johann Mynhardt for developing this course and for giving us guidance here in the group. I am really amazed at the results so far and cannot fathom what the completion of the full cycle will bring. Looking forward very much to the last stage, Rubedo. Hoping to see some of the other people in this group there as well!


Having untangled some of the muddle in my mind and learned so much, particularly about countertransference, I feel sad that this course is ending. It feels as if I am in sight of Grandma’s cottage in the woods where previously I imagined safety lay, a loving presence and maybe hot chocolate. The wolf who watches is simply the wildest part of me who will, yes, kill the Grandmother in order to free me from the relentless external search for safety. The dark trees are my family. I wonder if finally I can believe in myself enough to trust this life. Thank you so much Tasha, Johann and Stephen, for your guidance and wisdom. The Citrinitas yellowing has indeed been illuminating, exposing and bright, and although my image is moonlit, I sense the sun will rise quite soon.


This has been a very enlightening course! Big shout out to everyone in the group…it wasn’t easy I’m sure for any of us but I hope we reap the rewards of delving deep into the work. Thank you so much Stephen Anthony Farah, Tasha Tollman and Johann Mynhardt for your guidance and support. I have definitely moved forward in my individuation process. Love, Peace and Light.


I just wanted to say hi and Thank you. I’m still here. The citrinitas part of magnum opus has been, for me, possibly the place where seeds have cracked open, or a place where my conscious mind has made some real connection or headway into, and within the unconscious realms of me. I have been so bowled over at what has been found, that I lost my voice both literally and metaphorically. I am still in a place of processing, holding, and realignment with my precious and disturbing discoveries. I am not ready or able to express or make coherent sense of it all at this time. It’s taking all my energy to just live it into my body and ego for now. Am looking forward to the next stage here.


I’m grateful for this course being available online, so that I can access it wherever I am and whenever I am available. I am grateful that I sat with archetypes long enough to uncover the pervasive influence of the archetypal will to pleasure in my family, and in me. Wow. I never knew that was there. I am grateful that this work brought it into my awareness. I am grateful that since shining light on this I’ve been able to make different behavioural choices. My head feels clearer. Where I stumble, there lies my treasure.


I will offer my gratitude here, as well, for this course, Anja and Stephen – the materials, lectures and applications were so well put together, and your responses to questions asked by participants so illuminating. And of course I am grateful for all that shared here, as it was thought provoking process all around. My tool/medicine kit for living fully has been profoundly enriched.  I am also particularly appreciative of the materials covered and applications, as they reflect a solid grounding in this approach to well-being and authenticity. They require much energy, and sometimes patience, but were presented in a way that I find very usuable/ accessible. I have added to my resource kit for living fully, and I am quite grateful for those able to share over this course’s forum, as I learned much from that openness.


A huge thank you again to CAJS, the course has been intense but the rewards are great and deep and will reverberate for a long time.


I have really enjoyed the material and process that went with it. I will return again to a lot of the material, and processes, that have had a really good impact on my life, and my perspectives. Thank you for what is a really wonderful and beautifully appropriate programme to look deep in the mirror and see with different eyes. I have recommended to quite a few who I see are now also starting or recently started.


The reason I choose to take this course was to introduce myself to Jung (concept, not the man) and Jungian psychology. I have very much enjoyed this course and I have gained some more understanding of Jungian psychology and it’s philosophy. The anima and animus part had a significant impact on me and my cogwheels have start turning. This is a great tool for individuation.


This sounds all a little unbelievable, but there’s definitely been a shift within me. Quite a profound shift regarding “the event”. It really does feel like a healing of sorts.