Steve Jobs

Steve Paul Jobs (1955 – 2011) claims the title of the iconic leader of the personal computer (and digital device) revolution of the late 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc, Pixar and NeXT Inc, Jobs’ genius was behind the Apple brand, the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. As well as the revolutionary wave of animation from Pixar, including the much loved Toy Story series. In this post I look [...]

The Philosophy of Freedom

Nature makes of man merely a natural being; society makes of him a law-abiding being; only he himself can make of himself a free man –Rudolf Steiner. I have very recently come across a concept of freedom which is so radical and so groundbreaking that it changes everything. Seriously. I have been able to think of little else since I encountered this idea a few days ago. In this post I am going to do my level best to communicate [...]

Beware, the Facebook “Friend”.

An ex- lover of mine contacted me on Facebook. We had a love affair when I was 20. He was so beautiful! It turned out that he stays in the same suburb as me and asked me to meet for coffee. So I mentioned to Stephen that my former lover wants to have coffee… ‘What are you going to do?’ He asked, suspiciously. I thought I would tease him and raised one eyebrow . ‘No, I am not comfortable with that!’ he [...]

Young, dumb and full of cum

Well, I was listening to Redi’s show a few months ago and heard her speechless for the first time ever. I am not sure what the topic was when I tuned in, but I caught a young man (let’s call him John) phoning in to say that if he spends his hard earned cash taking a woman out to dinner, he will be expecting her to ‘put out’ later. Afterwards, men were sms’ing and phoning to say that guys [...]

The Story of Truth

The more time I spend thinking about the significance of stories in our lives the more amazed I am at how significant these stories are. The first peak behind the curtain I got into this, was on a warm summers evening whilst I was walking through downtown Tucson. Under an azure sky splashed with broad strokes of pink and fine highlights of red from the setting sun. A comforting warm breeze blew as I walked along side a philosopher I [...]

Lost and The Spirit Temple

Spoiler Warning. Saturday night saw the end of an era. A television series so compelling that it almost makes the invention of TV justifiable. The final episode of the series Lost has aired. This marks the end of a journey that began in 2004 and has taken an average of 16 million viewers (per episode) on a mysterious, nail biting, brilliantly written, acted and sublimely produced journey. A journey which for six years, six seasons and 117 episodes kept us all guessing and [...]

What did Zorba the Greek know that many of us have forgotten?

The very first movie image I remember seeing, as a child, is the scene of Zorba (acted by Anthony Quinn) dancing naked down the beach into the sea, to the well known theme song. The movie was Zorba the Greek. It was actually the last scene in the movie and it’s the only scene I remember. Somehow it encapsulated the whole movie for me. And if you were to ask, I would definitely list Zorba the Greek as one of [...]

The Story of Two and a Half Dreams

As a child my father told me a story which was the start of my spiritual journey. It was the story of two dreams. My grandfather, Anthony Farah had a strange relationship with the number 5. Everything significant happened in my grandfather’s life on the 5th year. He was born in South Africa in 1905, shortly thereafter returning to his family’s village in Lebanon called Sib’il, he was a Sib’ilenie (man from Sib’il). In 1925 my grandfather married my grandmother Nora. [...]

Paradox, Parody and Paranoia

Hell this Eugene Terreblanche thing isn’t going away in a hurry is it? No doubt it soon will, so don’t seat it. I know how these things work, I’ve seen it before, a big fuss for a few days, maybe a week or two until the next big thing captures the headlines and then it will fade. Bad timing though just before the World Cup, but no ja what can we do. It is quite interesting to look at what [...]

My Friend Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Hell I must say I loved the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull as a kid. My standard 4 teacher (grade 6), Miss Fair-Weather, would read it to us every day just before the end of school. I was no fan of school but I looked forward to this story time with an enthusiasm that is the sole dominion of childhood. There was something special about Jonathan Livingston Seagull which I felt then and I still feel now, and that was the [...]