The Fairy Tale of Bluebeard: How to restrain the negative Animus

Wise Wild Womenhood Academy presents:

The Fairy Tale of Bluebeard: How to recognise and restrain inner predator.

Date:     3 August 2019
Time:    2pm – 5pm
Cost:      R450
The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies
80 Cambridge Road

Unique opportunity to work with Dr. Suzan Hojdar.

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This workshop is a learning experience which will allow you to identify, gain control and shift this internal critical voice into an ally.

Jungian Analyst, Dr. Suzan Hojdar brings to life the fairy tale of Bluebeard. The Archetypal dark man story.

This three-hour workshop will explore the powerful transformative principles from the Bluebeard myth. Suzan will take us on a journey of discovery, show you how to expose your inner predator and arm you with the knowledge and understanding on how to restrain the this dark Animus and turn it into an ally.

Join us on this liberating workshop and escape the tyranny of being at the mercy of your inner persecutor.

This workshop is for all women who:

  • Want to escape psychic bondage.
  • Have experienced the inner predator that sabotages their dreams.
  • Had their most meaningful and soulful experiences destroyed through internal negative dialogue.
  • Feel severed from their intuition and alone.
  • Feel frail and drained of energy to pursue their goals.
  • Has been cut off from their feeling life.
  • Who has been blocked and prevented from living their authentic life.

The workshop will explore the following concepts:

  • Naivety
  • A key to knowing
  • False freedom
  • Psychic barriers
  • Crying questions
  • Instinctual power
  • Recognizing the innate predator
  • Taking the negative Animus in hand

More about Dr. Suzan Hojdar.

Suzan Hojdar is a Medical Doctor (MBBCH), Homeopath (MFHom, CEDH) Jungian Analyst (IAAP), Biodanza Teacher, Depth Coach and internationally certified Systemic and Organizational Constellation Facilitator. Suzan is passionate about feminine leadership and personal transformation. Her deep understanding of myth and fairy tales brings wisdom to her workshops that form the basis and structure of her ability to guide individuals to self-empowerment. Suzan is passionate about liberating women and guiding them towards feminine wholeness and empowerment.