Author - Anja van Kralingen

A Near Drowning in Paradise and Memories of 9:11

I was fortunate through the good graces of a friend to spend 7 days in Tofu Mozambique recently. It truly is an unspoilt paradise and I found myself deeply moved by the awesome beauty of the untamed, natural coast. Tofu is unmediated and naturally quite different to the virtual island experience of a 5 Star Resort. Anyway suffice to say it was breathtaking and for the week that we were there we existed in a sublime almost surreal state of [...]

Video interview with C. G Jung

An interview conducted with the master physician by John Freeman, for the BBC. Obviously a bit dated (a period piece) but really nice to see the grand old man himself. This interview was conducted when Jung was in his eighties and had the benefit of a lifetimes investigation into the human condition. It is interesting to see not only what he says in the interview but also his demeanor and attitude to the questions themselves. Get the Flash Player [...]

The Problem with Heaven

I think we have to consider the possibility that the church may be fibbing when they tell us about heaven. To clarify, by: church- I am referring to all forms of religion which propose an afterlife in paradise.The problem, as I understand it, is if you or I were to find ourselves in a place where all our problems had been resolved, a utopia where we knew only bliss, where all the problems we have, ever had or ever [...]

7 Steps towards leading a Meaningful Life

Step 1 Be Buff We are physical as well as spiritual beings. To break it down further, I think the classification into physical, psychic and spiritual beings has merit; and to each of these we need to pay our dues. As an advocate of the soul of man I am naturally partial to any system which addresses man on the psychic level. Nevertheless I am struck by the inherent limitation of any system, that seeks to promote personal growth and wellbeing, [...]