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Psyche and Cinema: The Matrix

The Matrix: Consciousness and Truth. This is from our Psyche & Cinema series and looks at three key ideas from Jungian psychology through the lens of the 1999 film, The Matrix: the 2nd personality as the doorway to individuation, our neuroses as a psychic prison and the relationship of truth to consciousness. Phoenix painting by Benjamin A. Vierling The Magnum Opus of Jung’s work was the pursuit of individuation. The Centre for Applied Jungian Psychology has launched a brand new four stage programme to guide [...]

Christmas in Africa, “Ubuntu” the true symbolism and meaning of the season

This is a guest blog by Dr Leslee Brown from It is such an odd occurrence to be in the southern hemisphere during the holiday season. We all think of snow, Christmas trees, Rudolph, Santa, and twinkling lights. We are usually busy in a hectic rush, madly shopping for the perfect gifts, organizing parties, and decorating our houses and preparing for our big Christmas feasts. We all think nostalgically or longingly for spending time by a roaring fire with [...]