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Inner Work (book review): Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth, by Robert A. Johnson Book review by Tasha Tollman Judging by the plethora of books on dream interpretation that can be found in most book shops, we all want to know what our dreams mean and pioneering Jungian Analyst, Robert Johnson explores avenues into the unconscious as they pertain to reading the symbolic language of dreams, engaging in Active Imagination and the use of ceremony and fantasy. In Inner Work, Johnson provides [...]

The Library of the Mind: imaginal photography and your thinking function

    Logos, reason, (directed) thinking, animus, intellect, imaginal photography C. G. Jung divides the mind into four distinct psychological functions: thinking, feeling (or evaluation), intuition, and sensation.[1]  The function we are going to consider in this post, thinking, is the psychological function which, following its own laws, brings the contents of ideation [ideas] into conceptual connection with one another. It is an apperceptive activity, and as such may be dived into active and passive thinking.  Active thinking is an act of [...]