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The Philosophy of Freedom

Nature makes of man merely a natural being; society makes of him a law-abiding being; only he himself can make of himself a free man –Rudolf Steiner. I have very recently come across a concept of freedom which is so radical and so groundbreaking that it changes everything. Seriously. I have been able to think of little else since I encountered this idea a few days ago. In this post I am going to do my level best to communicate [...]

The Danger of Raising Your Children in Fear.

When I was in labour with my second child I was terrified. My firstborn was a ceaser because she was breach and I was determined to have natural birth this time around. My Gyne was really cross about it and tried to bully me, but I was insistent. It was probably the most traumatic and painful experience I have ever lived through. My third child’s birth was also natural, but this time I was like Superwoman. I breathed through the pain [...]

The Genius-Demon of Women: and the Challenge of Staying Sane after 35

I am currently working with a most exceptional woman through a process of articulating the hidden, or what Jung called the second, personality. Whilst doing this work I had the most astounding realisation about the genius-demon that lies in a woman’s soul, and brings a great charge of libido with it that is so very difficult to contain in today’s world. This awakening came to me the way so many truths do. It is something I have been aware of [...]

Tao and the psychology of transformation

When I was doing research recently about Taoism, I was astounded at how civilized China was in the 11th century BC. They were the first government to print paper money, they had invented gunpowder, used a compass to derive true north and had a permanent navy. They printed books and the people were well educated. Women were respected and ran their own successful businesses. There were retirement villages and public clinics supported by a social welfare infrastructure. They traded iron, [...]