Monthly Archives - September 2011

A Guide to The Secret Life of Complexes

Do you ever behave in a manner which leaves you wondering what the hell you were thinking? Something came over you? You were possessed? You are not the master of your own house. You must have had that experience where the wrong thing pops out of your mouth and you are so embarrassed that you wish the earth would open up and swallow you. Or you lose it and scream like a banshee at someone. Or you are confronted with a [...]

What does the Perfect Life Look Like Today?

Anja was listening to radio 702 the other day (isn’t she always). Anyway she told me about a caller to the show, who said, the problem with the youth today is that they no longer have role models. Or, if they do, their role models are less than ‘ideal’. The caller went on to say that in yesteryear the ideal profession was to become a doctor or a lawyer (I would add chartered accountant to that list), but these lofty [...]

How do you recognize your destiny?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word ‘Destiny’, it completely intimidates me. What? Am I supposed to save the world or sacrifice myself? I remember as a small child in Sunday school being totally freaked out by the minister. He said ‘God has already ordained your destiny and when he calls you, you must answer, because not answering will render your life useless! You will never succeed at anything else but God’s will.’ Hectic! This had a profound [...]

The 3rd Critical Step to Becoming a Human Being

In one sense, at least, life is quite simple. At any point in time you are either busy being born or you are busy dying. In the world today this is usually understood in a physical sense- our identification with our bodies is absolute. This is the reason for the obsession with youth and youthful appearance that frequently endures long past when such a ‘youthful appearance’ is appropriate or attractive. The inescapable truth though is that nature is a bitch. That [...]