Monthly Archives - June 2011

Young, dumb and full of cum

Well, I was listening to Redi’s show a few months ago and heard her speechless for the first time ever. I am not sure what the topic was when I tuned in, but I caught a young man (let’s call him John) phoning in to say that if he spends his hard earned cash taking a woman out to dinner, he will be expecting her to ‘put out’ later. Afterwards, men were sms’ing and phoning to say that guys [...]

Do you know Right from Wrong?

During my anthroposophy class we discussed the concept of personal ethics. In Anthroposophy it is quite specific, in the sense that you need to act out of a position of love, which is selfless and has the other’s best interest at heart. Ok, this is an ideal that is obviously REALLY hard to achieve, but the bottom line is that your personal ethics have to act as the foundation of your psyche. Your intentions and decisions need to be [...]