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Limitless: How Far, How Fast, and How Much, can You Achieve?

This post is inspired by the movie Limitless. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and see it tonight- trust me, it’s that good. The plot is fairly simple. The main character Eddie Morra is a down and out writer, late twenties, whose life is going nowhere fast. When, through a series of circumstances, he comes into possession of a drug, NZT-47 which increases his cognitive abilities beyond belief. He goes from Mr. Dopey to a Albert Einstein/John F. Kennedy [...]

5 Lessons from a 5 Year Old

I have heard it said that our children are our greatest teachers. I’m not sure if that’s always true, I would like to believe I know more now than I did as a kid- so doesn’t that make me the teacher, rather than the student? Still, I have to concede, sometimes the exceptional happens, and a child comes along that does teach you. And when that happens it is both humbling and inspiring. Ruarc Alexander Farah, 5 years old, and my [...]

The Problem with the Payoff

A few weeks ago, I was driving listening to Doctor Eve on Redi’s show. I just caught a bit of the show, and I think it was about alcoholism linked to sex addiction. A woman had phoned in to complain about her friend who constantly embarrasses her when they go out on the weekend, because she gets totally pissed and then flirts with strangers and would go with them if the caller did not stop her. The caller said that [...]

The Great Security Hoax

How secure do you think you and your loved are? Absolutely, 100% secure- free from any risk of harm or misfortune. As secure as one can reasonably be (which is pretty secure really), secure from anything bar an act of God (which is unlikely because I’m a clean living person and right with the Big Guy). Not all that secure, I recognise the potential for disaster is ever present. Which one of these three options, or some gradient between them, do you believe? [...]

Love Alchemy: and Why New Age Love is Basically Bullshit

Love is not abstract it is particular. I hate to shatter your illusions, but when Michael Jackson shouted out I LOVE YOU on stage, as he was want to do, he wasn’t referring to you in particular, so I hope you didn’t take it too seriously Love is not something you give to your community, it is not something you give to mankind, it is not something for the poor, or even for God. This is an illusion perpetrated by Holy [...]

Five Building Blocks to Healthy Loving

This is a guest post by Anja Van Kralingen How do you love? Can one define the concept of love? Love is an abstract word which elicits complex emotions and feelings in all of us, expressing many things. But what does it mean to you? That is the real question. How the question came about I see a wonderful healer who calls herself a kinesiologist, but really she is so much more. In any case, I took my daughter there a while ago [...]