Monthly Archives - April 2011

The Long Road to Consciousness.

This is a guest post written by Anja Van Kralingen How does one become conscious? I think that I have achieved some level of consciousness, but how did I get here and what does it mean? I have been thinking about this for a while and decided that writing down my thoughts might help me to express it clearly. The first steps Having been exposed to Jungian concepts for more than a decade and doing quite a bit of internal work, I [...]

Do You Long For The Freedom of Your Chains?

This is a guest post by Ryan Parker. I was recently privileged enough to spend two weeks on holiday in the UK, in part visiting Stephen, during his marathon sabbatical, and in part simply spending time in London visiting as many places of personal interest as time and money would allow. Naturally, being a competitive Jo’burger I couldn’t help comparing life in London with life in Johannesburg and actively seeking out the positives and negatives of both places. In the course [...]

The Secret about Enlightenment Your Guru Never Taught You

There is a tale about a young Zen monk, who, after many years of apprenticeship under a well known Zen master, became frustrated with his lack of progress. No longer able to contain himself he confronted the master and accused him of withholding the information he needed to reach Satori (enlightenment). The master listened patiently as the young monk passionately made his case. ‘Have I not served you these long years master? Have I not amply demonstrated my humility, patience and sincerity?’ [...]

Who are you: Really?

How would you answer the question: Who are you? You might answer with a name. So in my case I might say: I am Stephen, or I am Stephen Farah. But this is limited and somewhat flawed answer to the question. You existed prior to being named, legally you can apply to change your name, and frequently people use an alias for one reason or another. Whilst a name has a power over you it is not who you inalienably are. If it [...]