Monthly Archives - February 2011

Are you sure you are still alive?

I’m serious, I know that sounds like a crazy question, but I’m being dead serious (if you will forgive the pun ). I might equally ask, have you ever been alive? I suspect, though, I know the answer to that question. I remember you as a child- and you were happy. I know you would cry at times and get angry or sad sometimes, but basically you were really, really happy. Happy to be alive and happy to be here [...]

The Story of Truth (part 2)

This is an amplification of an earlier post on the subject of truth and the stories we tell ourselves about it, to read the original post The Story of Truth click here. Let me begin with a story, the story of truth Once a long time ago in a land far away (well not far maybe), there lived a man who desperately wanted to know the truth. Eventually he could resist the impulse no longer and leaving his wife and children he [...]


A central idea in Romanticism was the idea of becoming. We are always in the process of becoming not only our future, but a future wherein we are different, and hopefully more, than we were before. You could say that becoming happens spontaneously as is evident in the changes we see in a child growing up. However Jung would argue that there is a world of difference between becoming which is driven by a conscious intention for individuation, and simply [...]

Just how Curious are You?

As people we always want to know things. We are incurably curious you might say. We want to know about what the neighbours are doing, what the latest celebrity gossip is, what the headlines are, who won the presidential election, when does the newest TV show start, who won the soccer, what time will they be here and so on. The list is endless: Who What Where When Why How How much With whom What for Now in that spirit let’s ask another question, a question about the nature of curiosity [...]