Monthly Archives - January 2011

Archetype of the Ideal Man

I have been wondering recently what the ideal man looks like today. In a broader sense what does the ideal person look like? But in terms of applying Jungian theory it may be easier to look at the question from the perspective of a single gender, in this case a man. And possibly we can infer something about the ideal woman from there. Firstly let’s contextualise the question. When I talk of an ideal man (today) what I am referring [...]

Time for the Truth

“Whilst it is questionable whether or not honesty is always the best policy, what is beyond doubt is that truth is superior to any policy.’ To be frank I have always had an ambivalent relationship with truth. Without making a messy and perhaps inappropriate confession let me just say I have not always been convinced of its preeminent value in the greater scheme of things. The question ‘is truth the most important thing?’ comes up in the Matrix Workshop. And I [...]