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10 lessons from 2010

Okay I admit have a fetish for numbers , and couldn’t resist the allure of this post. As 2010 draws to a close I want to reflect on a few of the lessons I have learnt during the last year. And then not to be found betraying the teleological principal of my greatest teacher, C. G. Jung, I promise my next post will be 11 ideas for 2011. Okay here goes… Personally this has been a big year for me. A challenging [...]

So, What (on Earth) Can You Do?

Can you personally make a difference? Can you, as a single human being, in a world population of six billion (and counting), actually make a difference, have an impact? I know that the not so new age would have you believe you can, like the positive thinkers before them they are into the warm fuzzy feel good stuff. You can’t blame them really its sells and let’s face it like any religion the not so new age is a business. But [...]