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Hansel & Gretel and the Breadcrumbs of the Apocalypse

There is great disorder under heaven, the situation is excellent. (Mao Zedong, as quoted in Living in the End Times, Slavoj ‘izek) Nothing is ever lost, not even the blood pact with the devil. (C. G. Jung, CW 9.1) This post takes a closer look at the ‘apocalyptic’ era that we are living in. It is a follow on and amplification of the apocalyptic theme first raised in my last post These are Strange Days. My intention is to better articulate the [...]

These are Strange Days

In 1980 the iconic American Jungian, founder of the so called Archetypal or Imaginal School, James Hillman made the following observation. I find today that patients [coming to Hillman for analyses] for are more sensitive than the worlds they live in. Rather than patients not being able to perceive and adapt ‘realistically’ it is the reality of the world’s phenomena that seems to be unable to adapt to the sensitivity of the patients. I am astounded by the life and [...]

Transcendence: a guide from The Matrix.

One of the classics of contemporary cinema The Matrix addresses a timeless question. What in analytical psychology we would call an archetypal question. Simply: is this it? Is this life, the world and this reality, fundamentally, essentially and absolutely real or not? If we conclude that it is fundamentally real, and furthermore that this is not only it but this is all there is to it, , then that is really that. The question is answered; and we can move [...]