Monthly Archives - October 2010

What Makes Life Meaningful?

This post is a brief look at what creates meaning in our lives. And a list of a few of the containers in which the gift of meaning is to be found. To watch this post as a video click here . Meaning is not the province of reason, it is an irrational phenomenon. We cannot arrive at meaning (in the sense we use the word here) through a process of logical deduction. Meaning is not quantative, it cannot be measured using [...]

Man to Superman; Surviving the Virtual Desert

This post is largely drawn for a recent conference by OPUS (an organisation for promoting understanding in society) appropriately named: Man to Superman, Humans, Robots and Communities. The conference was held at the University of London, 9 October 2010, and included two presentations. The first by Dr. Simon Western was entitled: cyborgs and entanglements: locating ourselves in a strange land Dr. Western tackled a number of interesting issues. The most fascinating of which was Actor-Network-Theory. Very simply the premise of Actor-Network-Theory (ANT) is that [...]