Monthly Archives - June 2010

Crayfish and Dimple Haig

Many, many moons ago, when my wife and I were still young and the seeds of potential lay as yet unsheathed in our loins, we were teetotallers. Not teetotallers exactly, not in the strict definition of the word. God knows we painted the ceiling of Time Square Cafe’ pink with the spray of several bottle’s of J. C. Le Roux. Prior to lifting David Duev, the proprietor, over the bar counter in a single move to urgently embrace him and [...]

A Near Drowning in Paradise and Memories of 9:11

I was fortunate through the good graces of a friend to spend 7 days in Tofu Mozambique recently. It truly is an unspoilt paradise and I found myself deeply moved by the awesome beauty of the untamed, natural coast. Tofu is unmediated and naturally quite different to the virtual island experience of a 5 Star Resort. Anyway suffice to say it was breathtaking and for the week that we were there we existed in a sublime almost surreal state of [...]

On the Darker Side of Life

I have thinking quite a bit lately about the issue of relationships. The thing that concerns me is the level of aggression that comes into our relationships. Not only aggression, or at least not only patently aggressive behaviour, but all the various subtle manifestations of this: social one-up-man-ship, character assassination, power struggles and so on. A particularly vivid example of this was pointed out to me a few months ago. When anyone in a social gathering tells a story, how shortly [...]