Individuation, Healing and Drama: The Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece

Individuation, Healing and Drama: The Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece

23 September -1 October 2018

Athens, Delphi, Epidaurus, Napflion and Poros Island

By exploring Greek Drama, we come to experience the eternal archetypal patterns – patterns that continue to profoundly inform our personal and collective behavior today. Having an experience of these universal patterns also enriches us as individuals and/or as clinicians. We become able to recognize the archetype when it appears in our personal lives and in the clinical hour and can offer both comfort and conscious witness

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Athens, Delphi, Epidaurus, Napflion and Poros Island

Includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch, outings and training!

By exploring Greek Drama, we come to experience the eternal archetypal patterns – patterns that continue to profoundly inform our personal and collective behavior today. Having an experience of these universal patterns also enriches us as individuals and/or as clinicians. We become able to recognize the archetype when it appears in our personal lives and in the clinical hour and can offer both comfort and conscious witness. We will process and reflect on what has emerged from the mythopoetic unconscious and what forms in particular have spoken to each of us.

In a fun, highly supportive environment, we will read some of the great Greek plays together, in the locations where they were written and performed thousands of years ago! Participants are encouraged to choose and explore roles that expand their sense of self. One might read a character of the opposite gender, try on what it feels like to be a legendary tragic hero or heroine or step into a mythic mind of a god/goddess. This enlivening process challenges old patterns and opens new possibilities both personally and professionally. Acting experience is not necessary, only the willingness to explore and play with others in a non-judgemental setting.

This is somewhat different than Psychodrama in that, through dramatic readings, we engage, body and soul, with the spirituality, art, philosophy, and society of the founders of western civilization – the Greeks. In this way we can begin to drop into an experience of the bedrock of our collective psychic structure (the collective unconscious) that undergirds and powers our conscious life.


Day 1, Sept. 23 Athens Sunday Arrivals; Athens Greece. Exploring Athens, general meet and welcome, Relax and unwind in our hotel! Arrival & Transfer to hotel (Included)- Free afternoon in Athens

8:00 p.m. Group welcome/ cultural dinner (Included) at a specially selected family owned taverna just outside of the Plaka (tourist district). This kind of restaurant Is located in the colorful arts district that is both safe and close to the main tourist area but without it’s crowds and less original cooking. This marks the beginning of a wonderful week of Greek cuisine as each region has its own culinary emphasis and most meals are made with locally sourced ingredients. Many dinners are built around fresh local seafood caught by a family member that day. Basic professional introductions and overview, review goals for the overall program, look at our schedule.

Over dinner we will get to know one another and have a fascinating discussion (led by Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst) on the more prominent archetypal/mythic motifs that emerged in western consciousness in early Greece, not only because they show up in our current dreams but because dreams are especially linked to theater going in ancient times. When troubled or ill, one would go to a sacred healing center (Aesklepion) near a spring, consult with a healer or priest/ess and sleep in an underground cell (sometimes near a giant python) and have a dream that night that was interpreted as a message of healing from the god – (the unconscious).

 In addition , the pilgrim would go see a play in the amphitheater built especially nearby to help facilitate the whole process. This ritual was a primary means of decision making as well as recovering from trauma and illness. The three sites we will be visiting have this healing ritual as part of their history. (Included)

Day 2, Sept. 24 Athens Monday 7 a.m. Coffee, tea/ breakfast at our hotel/lodging. (Included)

8-10am – Social Dreaming (Dr. Leslee Brown) Lecture, Setting the Foundation and Social Dreaming Group.

10 – 1. Mining Character: Mending the Soul. (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst). We begin with a lively group discussion of what is an archetype and what does each person know of mythic Greek archetypes and their origins, current cultural relevance, etc.

This is followed by an experiential component where the healing power of the archetype of Theater opens things up. Each individual participant is consulted as to what they might like to work on/further reflect on in themselves or in life.

Together, we select a short monologue from a drama for each to engage with. (I bring material I”ve been collecting for over 30 years that is especially alive and evocative of particular archetypes or archetypal situations.)

This activity is not pressured. Over the years I have found that almost everyone wants to participate once they understand that they do not have to “act” and that the environment is very safe and playful.

We then do some basic relaxation exercises and easy theater warm ups after which participants have about 45 minutes to get into their character. We then gather in a semi-circle, like the shape of ancient greek theaters, and each person brings their piece to the group from a chair in the center. Its often very moving and people open to the character in ways they hadn’t expected.

Afterward, we process our experience of the character (archetype) and our associations to other’s characters in much the same way we work with dreams and other forms of intra-psychic material. Finding in ourselves and others these sometimes undiscovered voices or less developed sensibilities is a soulful awakening that opens up the wellsprings of spirit.

Its a great way to begin to understand how archetypes function, how Greek archetypes, in particular, form the bedrock of the western psyche and it helps prepare us for what we will be seeing and experiencing over the coming week.

1-2 Lunch as a group (Included)

3-6 The Central Acropolis and the Museum

7 – till – Dinner with Dionysus! (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst) Dionysus – God of Wine, Theater, & Transformation. In a relaxed setting and state, we experience through myth and discussion the healing aspect of what the releasing, celebratory aspect of Dionysus represents for the human soul. What does this powerful energy constellate in the psyche and why do we need it so badly? Most importantly, where is this energy currently in your life? In your culture?

Day 3, Sept. 25 Athens/ Delphi, overnight in Delphi Tuesday 7 a.m. Breakfast (Included)

8-9 Social Dreaming (Leslee Brown)

9:30 – 12:30 – The Psyche On Stage: A Depth Psychology Approach to Drama, Part 1(Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst)). This takes place on location at the theater of Dionysus in the Acropolis. Bring sunscreen and wear a hat! We will leisurely explore the setting and psychological architecture of the Theater of Dionysus.

You will get acquainted with what Greek Theater was all about, its function as the state religion, why performance by actors was both loved and feared, the ancient play competitions/festivals of Athens and how they functioned to stabilize Mediterranean culture, as well as what made their existence a defining feature of the Golden Age of ancient civilization.

All these features are not only present in various forms in Western culture today but also help us make sense of our world and our struggles both as individuals and as clinicians.

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

3:00 – Private Chartered Bus to Delphi (included)(3 hours). Check in Hotel, Free time to explore

7 – Dinner

8-10 – Delphi: Temple of the Oracle, Center of the Ancient World (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst)

We delve into Greek Healing Rituals through the history of Delphi, once said to be the navel of the World and the home of the original Pythoness or Oracle of Delphi to whom the leaders of the ancient world submitted their questions and concerns. This discussion is designed to help prepare participants for a tour of the site and its significance as a place where the shift from worship of earlier earth-based cosmologies was made to the Gods of Olympus at the advent of the Bronze age.

This shift has cultural and clinical implications that continue to impact us today. Ancient healing Dreams and rituals are discussed and compared with contemporary personal and clinical practice and ideas offered as to their further integration. It’s especially a time to invite participants, like the pilgrims and rulers who came here in ancient times, to ask for a healing dream by posing a personal question to the unconscious. This will be explored in Social Dreaming the following day if desired.

Day 4, Sept. 26 Wednesday Delphi/Epidurus, overnight in Nafplion 7-8 Breakfast

8-9 Social Dreaming (Leslee Brown)

9- 1 Morning to visit Delphi archaeological site and museum

1-3 Lunch/shopping, on your own

3 – After Delphi our driver will lead us to Nafplion –Overnight in Nafplion

6 – Check in Hotel

7- Dinner

8-10 – The Psyche Onstage: Part II. (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst)). During this time, we will further process the experience of Delphi and the healing modalities of Greek religious practice as well as prepare for our play reading at Epidaurus the next day. We will cast the play, The Bacchae, together and begin to delve into its meaning for ourselves personally and collectively. As the primary source for the myth of Dionysus, it brings this powerful archetypal realm into distinct focus with its shape shifting, obsession, sexuality, dance, wine and celebration. Participants will the chance to take part, as the ancients did, in the process of the renewal of the Soul by being a part of the drama.

Day 5, Sept. 27 Thursday Epidaurus/Nafplion –Overnight in Nafplion 7-8 Breakfast (Included)

8- Social Dreaming (Leslee Brown)

10-1 Play reading of the Bacchae on site at Epidaurus. (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst)

1-2 Lunch

2—7 Free ime to explore

7- Dinner

8-10 Greek Drama and Treatment of the Suffering Soul. (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst)). Discussion and processing of the experience of reading the Bacchae. We will also consider the nature of trauma to the Soul, links to current clinical theories and practices, and how Greek Drama can be used as an adjunct in the treatment for PTSD and related disorders.

Day 6, Sept. 28 Friday Napflion/ The Island of Poros- overnight in Poros

 7- Breakfast (Included)

8-9 Social Dreaming (Leslee Brown)

9- Depart Napflion for the Island of Poros with our private chartered bus and: head for the port of Piraeus where we take a hydrofoil (small fast boat) to the dreamy island of Poros (Included) 1-hour and 15 min

4- Arrive in Poros, check in to hotel in a small, lovely family owned resort on a beach with great food.

5- Explore our ancient island

7- Dinner

Day 7, Sept. 29 Saturday The Island of Poros

7- Breakfast(Included)

8-9- Social Dreaming(Leslee Brown)

9-12 Play reading in an ancient setting and discussion TBA (Constance Romero, Jungian Analyst))

12- Lunch as a group (Included)

1- Free Time

7- Dinner

Day 8, Sept. 30 Sunday The Isand of Poros/ Athens- overnight Athens

7- Breakfast (Included)

9- Depart back to Athens via ferry (included)

2- Check into hotel Athens

Free time

7- Final group dinner (Included)

8-10 Discussion, de- brief of experience, goodbye’s

Day 9, Oct. 1 Monday Athens

Departures- Airport transfers (Included)

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of program director.


Constance Evans Romero, LPC. LMFT is a Jungian analyst with over 25 years experience in private practice and several years as an psychoanalytic supervisor. She is also a Senior Training Analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, a core faculty member of the New Orleans Jungian Seminar and a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. She has a prior professional background in theater as an actor and director and lectures nationally and internationally on the interface between Depth Psychology and the Arts. Recent presentations include papers delivered at the Freud Museum in London on The Ecstatic in Classical Greece and Depth Psychology and at the Jung Institute in Zurich on Performance and the Power of Transcendent Function in Troubled Times. Recent publications include articles in The Journal of Analytical Psychology (2017), the International Journal of Jungian Studies (2016) and Psychological Perspectives (2007). 

Leslee S. Brown, PhD, Is an International psychotherapist and the founder/ Director of Mind Body Passport Inc. Dr. Brown has lived worked and studied abroad her entire adult life. She was in private practice for 22 years, has taught at the graduate level in universities both in The United States and abroad. She has training in diverse areas of psychology and lectures worldwide as well as leading professionals on amazing journeys across the globe for continuing professional development credit. 

What you will gain

  • Participants will be able to define and discuss the concept of the archetype, including the origin of the idea in Greek Platonic thought and its elaboration in Greek Art, Myth and Theater. (This objective includes educational tours of World Heritage sites that provide direct examples of ancient Greek culture in Athens, Delphi and Epidaurus. The tours are in addition to the educational workshops provided by the organizers that support these tours.)
  • Participants will be able to identify and interpret archetypal patterns in Greek Myth and Drama and link these with present day situations both personal and cultural. In support of this objective, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in two dramatic readings of classic Greek Dramas in or very near their original, historic settings. This is a rare opportunity to directly experience the innate power of Theater to move and transform the Psyche.
  • Participants will be able to define and develop a depth psychological approach that incorporates aspects of Greek Drama for use within the clinical hour. Approaches to treating Depression, Anxiety, Dissociative Disorders and various forms of PTSD will be demonstrated and discussed for both individual and group use. 4. Participants will be able to identify and discuss at least two primary Greek Myths and their implications for the evolution of consciousness in western culture. We will also examine their meaning and influence in the development of psychological theories from depth psychological to cognitive behavioral.
  • Participants will be able to identify and discuss psychological aspects of ancient Greek dream rituals and compare these practices with contemporary dream interpretation. (This objective is further supported by excursions to ancient Greek historic sites such as Epidaurus and Delphi where the messages within dreams were considered an integral aspect of healing.)
  • Participants will be able to describe and apply the tenets of Social Dreaming for personal use and within various therapeutic settings.

CE Credits

Intensive 26 CE credits

Mind Body Passport is approved by the California Psychological Association to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. Mind Body Passport maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Mind Body Passport Inc. is also recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion.

The Organizer

Dr. Leslee Brown is the founder of Mind Body Passport Inc., providing extraordinary international learning experiences and continuing education for professionals. Dr. Brown has been running customized training courses in Zurich, Vienna, London, Argentinia,South Africa and more for a number of years. Dr. Brown has more than 20 years’ experience as a psychologist in private practice. She is a graduate level professor at Sigmund Freud University campuses in Vienna and Paris. Dr. Brown is the founder and director of Mind Body Passport Inc. and has led numerous international travel courses. Dr. Brown  has lived, worked and studied throughout Europe for many years. She resides part time in Los Angeles, part time Paris and the rest of the time in the rest of the world.


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