Johannesburg and Cape Town Courses

  • Projection

    Live Lectures and Workshops

    Johannesburg: 3 November at 13:00

    Cape Town: 24 November at 9:30

    What is projection. This powerful tool for self-knowledge explored and un-plugged.

  • Shadow

    Live Lectures and Workshops

    Johannesburg: 8 December at 13:00

    Cape Town: 1 December at 9:30

    The Shadow: the only true measure of transformation. Uncover the gold within!

  • The Persona

    Live Lectures and Workshops

    Johannesburg: 6 October at 13:00

    Cape Town: 27 October at 9:30

    The Persona. A problem or a valuable part of effective communication? This lecture and workshop explores your own persona, it’s authenticity and validity.

  • The Ego

    Live Lectures and Workshops

    Johannesburg: 1 September at 13:00

    Cape Town: 8 September at 9:30

    An exploration of the Jungian Ego. The role, function and attitude of the ego and why strengthening the Ego is of utmost importance for individuation.