The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies

Learning to live life consciously.

What we are about

At The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies we aim to reach out to all individuals who have a desire to understand themselves, others and how they relate to the world around them. We know from personal experience the powerful and liberating effect the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung provides.

Courses and Workshops

The Centre provides both real world and online programmes. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but frequently run courses in other cities. Our signature programme is a 12 Module Transformational Programme which takes you on an intense personal journey..


For ease of reference we list Jungian Analysts, Development Groups, Psychometrists and other contact information for various Jungian societies. We also offer a Free Dream Guide for those who subscribe to our site…

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Excerpt from Man and His Symbols by C.G.Jung on the concept of the Self, an archetype in Jungian psychology which signifies unification of consciousness and unconsciosness in a person and represents the psyche as a whole.

anima animus 2

Anima-animus in Jungian psychology, produced by PBS

bleu tree

BBC documentary of the life of Carl Gustav Jung.

Oscar Trial 1

Stephen Farah discuss the Murderous Gun complex theory on the Oscar Pistorius Trial Channel.

Oscar Trial 2

Interview on the Oscar Pistorius Trial Channel, discussing the drawings by Reeva Steenkamp.

Prezi video photo

The 12 Module Programme Introduction Video

12 Module Class 2012

Johannesburg Class of 2012 who completed the 12 Module Intense Transformational Programme

The Collective Unconscious

A brief introduction to C.G. Jung's concept of the Collective Unconscious


A look at complexs in analytical psychology

Jungian Psyche

Jung's tripartide psychic model